Aberdeen Standard Investments is a leading global asset manager dedicated to helping investors around the world reach their desired investment goals and broaden their financial horizons.

We provide expertise across a breadth of markets, asset classes and investment approaches. Approximately 1,000 dedicated investment professionals are located globally, close to our clients and the markets where we invest. Additionally, 500 client specialists work closely with investors and advisors to understand our clients’ needs and deliver world class investment solutions.

As at 31 December 2017, we manage €649 billion (£576 bn/US$779bn) on behalf of governments, pension funds, insurers, companies, charities, foundations and individuals in 80 countries. As a responsible global investor, we leverage our scale and market leadership to raise standards in both the companies and industries in which we invest, and drive best practice across the asset management industry.

Aberdeen Standard Investments is a brand of the investment businesses of Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life Investments.

Abode Impact is tackling private housing inequality in the UK with commercial solutions. Our solutions are designed to be both commercially viable and socially beneficial.


There is an acute lack of wheelchair accessible homes for rent to meet demand. This failure is strongest in the Private Rented Sector (PRS), with 1 in 3 people disabled people living in unsuitable accommodation in this tenure. (European Human Rights Commission, 2018). Wheelchair users are not typically able to rent accessible homes in the PRS. 91% of the 448 wheelchair user households surveyed by Abode Impact had experienced barriers to accessing the PRS.


To tackle this, Abode Impact is launching the UK’s first accessible housing fund for London dedicated to purchasing wheelchair accessible homes for private rent. It will purchase new-build residential property adapted for wheelchair users, initially let through Registered Providers of social housing, in identified locations close to accessible public transport throughout London.

Abode Impact believes it can demonstrate that wheelchair users with accessible housing needs can be an important PRS demographic.

Social Impact

By living in an accessible home of their choice, wheelchair users will have significantly improved mental, physical and financial wellbeing. These benefits come from greater independence, stronger social cohesion with family, friends and community and the likelihood of being more likely to gain employment.

Abode Impact changed its name from Community Sponsors Homes in August 2018.

The principals of Afinishay have worked closely with pension funds and other Institutional investors for over twenty years and, throughout this time, we have listened carefully to their evolving needs and objectives.

Foremost among these is to invest in opportunities that have superior risk-adjusted return profiles and provide effective portfolio diversification.

Afinishay sources niche, and often difficult-to-access, investment strategies, with experienced management teams and compelling business models, that match each investor’s principal investment criteria.

As a matter of course, Afinishay only represents managers who offer investors:
  • Better aligned compensation models that reward success
  • Stronger governance with increased investor oversight
  • Decision-making guided by ESG & SRI considerations
  • Potential to make a positive economic and social impact 
We advise managers on structuring and then make targeted introductions to institutional investors actively seeking to invest in such strategies. A two-step process that first makes a strategy investable and then provides the capital needed to transform a business.

To ensure that our interests are equally aligned with all parties, Afinishay is always compensated by the manager and primarily by compensation tied to the success of the strategy.

Allia Impact Finance helps charities and social enterprises raise loan finance by connecting with investors through listed and unlisted bonds. It is part of Allia, an independent not for profit with a social mission, dedicated to helping impact organisations and initiatives to grow. Allia has been issuing bonds for social benefit since 1999.

Our Retail Charity Bonds platform provides mainstream impact investing opportunities for retail and institutional investors, including pension funds, through bonds that are listed in the UK and traded on London Stock Exchange. At November 2017, nearly £160m has been raised for charities through 7 bond issues.

Amundi has been a signatory of the PRI since 2006 and responsible investment has become one of the pillars of our development strategy. Dedicated governance, internal resources, active involvement in collaborative initiatives and an AFNOR certified SRI approach are just some of the ways we strive to advance the field of responsible investment.

A team of 20 specialists ensures ESG analysis of more than 5,000 issuers, conducts an active engagement policy, and promotes these topics amongst investors and collective initiatives.

In addition, almost 60 experts (corporate governance, quantitative research, SRI managers and products specialists) are mobilised around environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

We are convinced that consideration of ESG criteria, combined with an ongoing dialogue with issuers, consolidates financial performance. Our commitment is reflected, in particular, by the integration of ESG factors across its management strategies.

Our ESG analysis, which relies on the expertise of 8 extra-financial data providers and an internal rating tool, covers more than 5,000 issuers. The analysis results in a global extra-financial rating for the issuer on a scale from A (highest score) to G (lowest score).

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) is an active, long-term, global, multi-asset investor. We work with our clients today to provide the solutions they need to help secure a better tomorrow for their investments, while creating a positive change for the world in which we all live.

With fundamental research at the core of our process, our investment professionals seek out and develop the most efficient and robust sources of alpha across world markets, marrying innovation and risk management in a bid to deliver long-term, value for clients.

AXA IM has a long history of innovation and, as a part of the broader AXA group, we are attuned to thinking long term about both risk and return. This combination makes us adept at mitigating tomorrow’s challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities that accompany them.

As stewards of our clients’ assets, our primary goal is to help them preserve and grow their wealth. We believe that an important part of achieving this is investing responsibly. This is why we incorporate environmental, social and governance considerations into our investment decisions and offer clients a full spectrum of responsible and impact investing tools.

Over two decades, we have become one of the largest asset managers in Europe, entrusted with £646 billion (€735bn) in assets as of 30 June 2017. Our 2,400 staff serve over 5,000 clients in 62 countries around the world.


Baillie Gifford is an independent investment management partnership founded in 1908. Over a century’s experience of investing in broadly the same manner means our firm is well suited to identifying unique businesses that can provide long term sustainable growth and make a positive impact on society.

As such, an impact investing team, Positive Change, was established. The team invest in exceptional companies that address societal challenges, rather than screening out inferior ones. These societal challenges include the lack of basic infrastructures and services, resource constraints and degradation, rising inequality, and persistent poverty. The team believe that companies focused on solving these challenges should see rising demand for their products and services and are naturally growth companies. By concentrating on a subset of companies that enjoy sustainable competitive advantages and are run by committed management teams, the Positive Change  team believe that investors should be able to achieve attractive investment returns over the long term while contributing towards a more sustainable and inclusive world for future generations.

Patience and perseverance are required to invest sustainably. Positive change is delivered over years not months, so an ability to look beyond next quarter’s earnings release for operational growth and positive societal impact is essential.

Big Society Capital’s aim is to improve the lives of people in the UK by connecting investment to charities and social enterprises that are creating social change. We do this by bringing together our investment capital, our expertise and our network of partners. To date, we have helped establish £1bn of social investment vehicles alongside co-investors.

Bridges Fund Management (formerly Bridges Ventures) is a specialist fund manager focused exclusively on sustainable and impact investment, with offices in London, New York and San Francisco. Since 2002, the firm has raised over £900m to invest in SMEs, properties and social sector organisations that are helping to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, with a focus on four themes: health & wellbeing, education & skills, sustainable living and underserved markets.

Brightlight provides bespoke investment consulting and management services to institutional clients across the private, philanthropic and government sectors, bringing together a team of leading impact and responsible investment professionals, experienced across multiple asset classes, geographies and impact sectors.

Brightlight Group currently operates two arms of business. The first, Brightlight Impact Advisory, provides training, strategic advice, research and asset consulting services. The second, Brightlight Investment Management, collaboratively structures, builds and manages impact investment products to bridge the gap between client demand and supply of institutional grade impact investments.

Cameron Hume is a fixed income asset management business, specialising in providing investment services to institutional clients. The company is a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment and is a participant in the United Nations Global Compact. We work closely with our clients to assist them in investing their fixed income allocations in a responsible manner.

We believe that responsible investing has two aspects. The first is the selection and monitoring of investments that aim to have a positive impact on the environmental and social issues that are of concern to our clients. The second is to integrate ESG exposures and risks factors with traditional financial analysis to provide a more comprehensive view of corporate and sovereign issuers’ investment potential. 

Underpinning our approach to responsible investing is a commitment to present our clients with an overview of their portfolios’ ESG exposures and an assessment of the environmental and social impact of their investments. In keeping with the spirit of the UN Principles of Responsible Investment, this overview is based on independent, third party, opinions rather those of our own analysts.

CBRE Global Investors is one of the world’s leading real asset investment managers with $104.2 billion in assets under management.

Built up over more than 40 years, our unparalleled platform is focused on real assets, giving our institutional clients access to real estate and infrastructure in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our clients benefit from a complete range of investment solutions including equity and debt, direct and indirect, and listed and unlisted strategies.

We believe the best performance comes from putting our clients first. Our local market intelligence, proprietary research and active management enable our experienced professionals to deliver world-class investment results and exceptional client service.

As part of CBRE Group, the premier real estate services platform, we also offer our clients our competitive advantage with an enriched local footprint and market knowledge and access to best-in-class services.

Responsible investing

The built environment has a significant impact on the global environment and is at the nexus of many of today’s most important issues, including land use, resource depletion, climate change, transportation, affordable housing and workplace health. 

We therefore believe that we have a responsibility to incorporate and demonstrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices in all of our corporate and investment management activities. 

Our commitment to ESG within our company and responsible investing initiatives can create shared advantages by enhancing returns, mitigating risk and improving the long-term value of real assets for our clients.

A leading global asset management group, Columbia Threadneedle Investments provides a range of actively managed investment strategies and solutions for individuals, pension funds and corporations. We manage $495BN / £366BN in AUM and have a presence in over 18 markets globally. We strive to deliver the investment outcomes that our clients expect when they trust us with their money, through an investment approach that is team-based, performance-driven and risk-aware. We have an established, dedicated and well-resourced responsible investment team, providing investment solutions that allow our clients to invest according to their values and to achieve social outcomes. Our award winning social investment funds take a balanced approach to achieve social outcomes, financial return and liquidity. *

*AUM includes the combined assets under management of the Columbia and Threadneedle group of companies as at 31 December 2017. Source: Ameriprise Financial.

Eaton Vance is a leading global asset manager with a strong commitment to responsible investing.

A signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (UN PRI), Eaton Vance has an uncompromising commitment to integrity and excellence. The firm seeks to provide investors with consistent performance, top-quality service and value-added strategies across a range of investment disciplines. In managing client portfolios, the firm adheres to established investment disciplines and balances the pursuit of return with the careful management of portfolio risk.

In 2016, Eaton Vance acquired the assets of the impact-investing firm Calvert Investment Management to form a new investment subsidiary: Calvert Research and Management (“Calvert”).

A recognised leader in responsible investing, Calvert is one of the founding signatories of the UN PRI. Calvert also helped to launch the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and last year helped found the SASB Alliance, which seeks to standardise disclosure for responsible investing.

Calvert seeks superior investment performance through integrated ESG research with an emphasis on company engagement and rigorous measurement of non-financial factors to demonstrate positive global environmental and societal impact. It provides measurable and reportable impact metrics on many of the portfolios it manages.

“Impact reporting” has been made possible by the development of a range of metrics in areas such as green tech, human rights, greenhouse gas intensity and water stress aimed at quantifying how business activity affects the environment, society and corporate governance.

Today, Calvert is one of the largest and most diversified managers of responsible investments across actively and passively managed equity, fixed income and asset allocation strategies.

EQ Investors (EQ) is a chartered financial planning and employee benefits firm. We offer a full range of life planning and financial advisory services for individuals, families, trustees, attorneys, directors and business owners.

At EQ we have a strong sense of being a member of a wider community. We are proud to be one of the first UK companies to be awarded B Corporation status, an internationally recognised standard for companies that believe in business as a force for good. Our Positive Impact Portfolios are a unique proposition for clients who care about how and where their money is invested. Established in 2012, the portfolios are designed to meet the growing investor appetite for an investment approach which not only delivers an attractive return but is also committed to making a positive contribution to society or the environment.

At Finance for Sustainability, we work on big ideas that connect new forms of investment to social issues in the UK. We do this by working in partnership with others to identify gaps in the provision of finance and creating new funds, private investment products or seeding new advisory firms to work on solving the complex social and environmental issues others are afraid to work on. Finance for Sustainability is a not-for-profit, every penny we make in profits is reinvested in the Group, both expanding and strengthening existing operations or launching and seeding new ventures. Our Group Companies are either ‘not-for-profit’ or ‘for profit social sector’ businesses, meaning we have a mission lock and no less than 51% of profits are reinvested in that mission each and every year. Across the FFS Group we manage or advise on £43m of Social and Environmental Impact Funds, with more in the process of being created.

Our Group Companies:

Environmental Finance is a social enterprise that works across a wide variety of the conservation, natural and built asset sectors. Environmental Finance create, and partner with others who are creating innovative, investable projects. These projects are specifically structured to deliver quality returns for investors, local communities and the environment at large.

Sporting Assets is social enterprise that helps develop sustainable sports enterprises, by taking ownership of facilities, developing new ones and by helping to create or diversify revenue streams.

ArtsVentures is a social enterprise that helps develop sustainable and resilient arts enterprises, by supporting them to make the most of their assets.

Being a good global corporate citizen is central to our mission to be a premier global investment management organisation. We understand this not only affects our business, but also impacts our reputation with investors, customers, and employees.

We believe that responsible private capital can create “win-win” outcomes for both investors and the community. As such we see impact investing as a natural strategy to deploy within our social infrastructure investment strategy.  For example, renovations that directly improve the utility of a space for tenants and visitors can both improve the quality of services being provided and increase the value of the physical asset. We can also create local partnerships that enhance the experience of stakeholders. For example, working with a school to have students volunteer time at an elderly care facility can create a more positive experience for the elderly, thereby increasing the value of that facility to the community. Likewise, making energy efficient upgrades to buildings can reduce service costs while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We believe that investing in social infrastructure with a focus on impact can not only yield market-rate returns, it can also create financial resiliency that improves financial results.

Funding Circle is the leading small business loan platform in the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands. As of 30 September 2018, investors have lent over £5.6 billion to more than 56,000 businesses. In 2017, Funding Circle loans helped to create and sustain more than 75,000 jobs, and contributed £3.9 billion to the economies of its four markets.

Funding Circle uses its cutting-edge technology, proprietary credit models and sophisticated data analytics to create an attractive and convenient proposition to historically underserved small businesses, whilst also providing attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors.

Funding Circle institutional investors not only gain access to a granular, diversified, high yielding and short duration asset class that was previously held exclusively on bank balance sheets; they will also be making a real and measurable impact on local economies.

GCM Grosvenor invests on behalf of clients who seek allocations to alternative investments, such as private equity, hedge funds, real estate and infrastructure. With approximately $50 billion in assets under management, we are one of the world’s largest and most diversified independent alternative asset management firms.

GCM Grosvenor is committed to responsible investment (RI) and to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues across our alternative investment platform. We view ESG issues as key elements of investment return, volatility and risk mitigation, and believe the consideration of such issues is an important aspect of our fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We promote sustainable and responsible investing by incorporating key ESG considerations into our business management, investment analysis, due diligence and portfolio construction.

The Firm has RI policies in place and considers ESG issues in its investment process to the extent it believes such issues might be reasonably expected to have a material impact on investment performance. In connection with underlying fund investments, GCM Grosvenor’s investment due diligence typically includes a review of the Investment Manager’s RI policies and its implementation thereof, among other things. Furthermore, GCM Grosvenor periodically requests underlying managers to provide updated RI-related information.

Incorporated in 1857, Gresham House is an alternative asset manager providing funds, direct investments and tailored investment solutions including co-investment across a range of highly differentiated investment strategies which include strategic public and private equity, timber, renewable energy, housing and infrastructure. The highly experienced investment team is led by Chief Executive Tony Dalwood (ex-CEO of SVG Advisers (formerly Schroder Ventures (London) Limited).

Gresham House recently launched a new UK focused investment strategy that bridges the gap between investors’ investment goals and the need for longer-term investment into important, government supported UK sectors, namely housing and infrastructure, whilst aiming to deliver a positive ESG impact.

This investment approach provides investors with the ability to invest in social and infrastructure investment initiatives (the ‘building blocks’ for supporting UK economic activity) as well as renewable energy projects. The deal-by-deal co-investment structure will allow investors to increase their allocation to underlying community-based transactions or sections of specific interest so that they make a positive social impact whilst maintaining prudent financial control. One of the objectives is to “partner” with local authorities and local government pension schemes to fulfil both financial, social returns, and potentially to support local area objectives.

The strategy already has the backing of two Local Government Pension Schemes and is designed for institutional investors including local authority and corporate pension funds, endowments and family offices to fulfil both long-term financial and social returns whilst having a positive ESG impact.

Our strategy is part of a newly formed Long-Term Investment Solutions Platform, which was established to deploy long-term or ‘patient’ capital while providing an opportunity for co-investment.

The Hermes Impact Opportunities Strategy is a concentrated, fundamental global equity strategy with a bold philosophy: to generate value by investing in companies that create positive, sustainable change and strong long-term investment returns. By meeting the underserved needs of society and the environment, as captured by the UN SDGs, impactful businesses are directly exposed to sources of enduring demand – the beta of future growth.

Jupiter was founded in 1985 with the aspiration of delivering investment performance through active fund management. More than thirty years later, our adherence to the same principle has earned us a reputation as a successful asset manager of equity portfolios, as well as fixed income, multi-asset and absolute return strategies.

Jupiter’s investment approach revolves around one concept: we seek to deliver outperformance over the medium to long term. Alongside an active and unconstrained approach to investment we recognise the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Acting upon our fiduciary role as a responsible asset manager we encourage our investment experts to be the best possible stewards of clients’ assets. We seek high standards of corporate governance from the companies in which we invest, are signatories to the UN’s Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) and the UK Stewardship Code. We also have in-house sustainability and stewardship committees, which include the CIO, members of the board and dedicated governance and sustainability specialists.

M&G Investments is Prudential plc’s European asset management arm, with £298 billion* of assets under management (fixed income, real estate, multi asset and equities) in the UK, Europe and Asia. Clients and their individual needs are at the heart of our business - our 400* investment professionals develop value-based strategies across a wide range of risk and return requirements, with a successful track record of generating strong and consistent returns.

*As at 31 December 2017

Nesta Impact Investments (NII) is one of the leading impact investors in the UK and was set up in 2012 by Nesta, the innovation foundation which has played a pivotal role in the development of impact investment in the UK both through NII and through other organisations that we helped establish.

NII invests in high-growth, profit-with-purpose businesses, aiming to achieve a combination of evidenced positive social impact and attractive financial returns. We back early stage revenue-generating, innovative ventures creating scalable, financially sustainable, commercial products or services that are specifically designed to address social challenges for disadvantaged population groups in three thematic areas: education and employment, positive health and community sustainability. NII’s primary goal is to increase the scale, depth and sustainability of social impact of the businesses it backs whilst achieving market level financial returns. NII assesses social impact based on evidenced achievement of one or more social outcomes aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Pantheon is an established global private markets specialist with a 35 year history investing across private equity, infrastructure and real assets. We employ approximately 220 staff, 76 are investment professionals managing USD$37 billion* in funds under management across six offices globally.

Pantheon invests with integrity and professionalism. We are stewards of our clients’ capital and take this responsibility seriously. We care about how and where we allocate capital and believe Environmental, Social and Governance issues shouldn’t be an after-thought.

As a prominent and sizeable investor in private markets we are well positioned to make a difference and follow this through with active engagement across the GP community and industry trade associations. Beyond the maintenance of high ESG standards, Pantheon takes an active interest and invests in funds with a thematic approach that address the world’s challenges of population growth, environmental threats and shortage of resources.

We have a long history of engagement with the UNPRI having signed up in 2007. In the most recent assessment we scored an A+ rating for Strategy and Governance and an A rating for indirect Private Equity and Infrastructure manager selection, application and monitoring.  Our commitment to developing a thoughtful approach to ESG has never been stronger.

Using the UNPRI principles, Pantheon has developed an ESG framework as part of our approach to risk management. Key ESG considerations are integrated across our business at management level, and throughout, due diligence, portfolio construction and portfolio monitoring.

*As of September 30, 2017

Partners Group is a global private markets investment management firm with over EUR 57 billion (USD 66 billion) under management in private equity, private real estate, private infrastructure and private debt. Partners Group is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and has a further 18 offices globally, employing over 1000 people.

Partners Group has a long-standing commitment to Responsible Investment, having been one of the first private markets asset managers to become a signatory of the UNPRI in 2008. Responsible Investment is also embedded within Partners Group’s core values, as written in the firm’s charter: “We manage assets with a long-term perspective to the benefit of individuals and societies worldwide. We aspire to be a role model in corporate responsibility and we continuously raise environmental, social and governance standards.”

Over the years, Partners Group has developed its own ESG Integration Methodology, which is applied to every investment opportunity and ensures material ESG factors are integrated throughout the investment cycle, from sourcing to diligence through to ownership, across all private markets asset classes.

PfP Capital is a fund management business established by Places for People. Its objective is to create a suite of residential funds, raising equity and investing in regeneration and rental property across all tenures including established PRS, Build to Rent, retirement and affordable homes. Leveraging Places for People Group’s expertise in placemaking, property management and measurable social value PfP Capital adds its own FCA-regulated fund management expertise to offer investors stable returns and ongoing value growth.

At its core, PfP Capital is a socially-conscious fund manager which provides institutional investors an opportunity to deploy capital into residential real estate in a responsible manner. This approach protects and enhances asset values and improves long term investment performance. The Group has an unrivalled tracked record of placemaking and makes long-term commitments to the communities it serves. The focus of the Group is to use commercial methods to deliver social outcomes while delivering stable returns over the long term.

As a result of Places for People Group’s not-for-dividend status, any financial surplus achieved is reinvested into its core business of creating sustainable places.

Pictet Asset Management is an independent asset manager, overseeing over GBP 147 billion (as at 30 September 2018) for our clients across a range of equity, fixed income, alternative and multi asset products. We provide specialist investment services through segregated accounts and investment funds to some of the world’s largest pension funds, financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds, intermediaries and their clients. 

Our commitment to responsible investment

We are convinced that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations can help us make better long-term investment decisions for our clients. For decades, sustainability has been central to our way of thinking. Since the Pictet Group was founded in 1805, we have aimed to ensure the prosperity of our clients over the long term. In doing so, we have instinctively considered the interests of future generations. Pictet Asset Management believes in responsible capitalism and takes an enlarged view of the economy and its interactions with civil society and the natural environment.

Consistent with our fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of our clients and our adherence to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), we are committed to integrating material ESG criteria in our investment processes and ownership practices with a view to enhance returns and/or mitigate risks. We also aim to embed ESG in our risk management and reporting tools in order to maintain high standards of transparency and accountability.

Resonance builds and manages impact investment funds which seek to focus investment capital even more strongly on investments which have a defined and intentional positive impact on specific social issues – from financing the assets local communities need to remain resilient, to building the property portfolios which social sector organisations need to deliver their impact, to direct lending to growing businesses which are using a “social enterprise” approach to deliver both robust profits and intentional solutions to social issues.

We have 15 years’ track record in UK focused impact investment across a wide range of sectors, including a series of award winning, institutional grade property funds, and a team of over 30 professionals based across the country giving us reach and insight in the regions in which we invest.

Our unique approach to property investment is allowing us to build institutional grade funds with diversified residential portfolios at scale across the country, accessing under-served markets, reducing risks, and generating an attractive blend of yield and capital appreciation, whilst creating long term benefit to the society into which pensioners will retire.

Robeco is a pure play asset manager founded in 1929 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Robeco has a presence in 15 countries worldwide and manages £148 billion in assets for institutional and individual investors. Through our fundamental, quantitative and sustainability research, Robeco offers investors a compelling range of active investment strategies and services, covering a spectrum of asset classes.

As a strong advocate of responsible investing, ESG factors have been integrated into Robeco’s investment processes for over 20 years.  Our in-house active ownership team uses voting rights and strategic engagement with companies in which we invest to maximise our sustainability impact. In 2018 we obtained an A+ score for all modules of our PRI Assessment and were the LAPF Impact Manager of 2017 and 2018. 

Click on the link below for further information or contact [email protected].

Sackers are the UK’s leading specialist law firm for pension scheme trustees, employers, corporate investors and providers.  Our finance and investment team has many years of experience advising on the legal aspects of pension fund investment and have been leading voices in the environmental, social and corporate governance(ESG) debate for a number of years.

Our lawyers are assisting pension fund trustees break new ground to develop and implement responsible investment practices. Our advice ranges from the conceptual (including fiduciary duties of trustees) to the practical such as manager terms to embed ESG approaches into pension fund portfolios. Our experts are involved in a number of industry groups and initiatives and are frequently called upon by industry colleagues and press to comment on the detail and impact of the latest proposals from the Government and working groups in this area.

Sustineri is a boutique advisory firm that provides insights and solutions to institutional investors and other stakeholders in a world that is advancing towards a low-carbon and sustainable future.

The global climate and energy transition is well underway. Driven by a powerful combination of climate policy action and the falling costs of clean energy technologies, this transition is accelerating and is taking place against a backdrop of increasing concern about rising global temperatures and the impacts of climate change. At the same time, sustainable investing and green finance has moved from niche to mainstream. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for environmental and social policies as well as fundamental, thematic and impact-related investment opportunities across asset classes.

At Sustineri, we believe that the combination of these factors has urgent and wide-ranging implications (risk and opportunity) for policymakers, investors and all parts of the financial ecosystem. There is no more business as usual and this transition has to be financed.   

Sustineri’s mission is to help different actors in the investment value chain – working closely in partnership -  to build their knowledge of the transformation underway, and advise and implement on areas such as strategy, governance and stewardship, so that they can make more informed decisions. Sustineri’s partners, Shuen Chan and Richard Folland, draw on their deep and long-standing expertise to develop impactful solutions to help their clients prepare for the global transition and for a sustainable future. 

The Good Economy Partnership (TGE) is a social advisory firm dedicated to inclusive business and finance as drivers of inclusive and sustainable economic development. Established in 2015, TGE has rapidly established itself as a trusted advisor and thought leader working at the forefront of the converging areas of sustainable development, impact investing and mainstream finance, both in the UK and internationally. We work with clients that share our values and are committed to financial innovation as a driver of change in the Good Economy – ‘an economy that works for everyone’. 

 We offer a unique blend of strategy consulting, product development, research and impact measurement and management services that enable clients to develop new impact investment products or measure, manage and report on their impact. TGE’s diverse clients include large-scale asset managers, private equity investors, specialist social impact investors, development finance institutions, businesses, social enterprises, charities and government bodies.  As of June 2018, our clients manage over £1.5 billion in impact investing assets.

Triodos Investment Management is a globally recognised leader in impact investing – offering investable solutions to addressing today’s challenges. We connect a broad range of investors who want to make their money work for lasting, positive change with innovative entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses doing just that. In doing so, we serve as a catalyst in sectors that are key in the transition to a world that is fairer, more sustainable and humane.

With our highly professional investment teams, we have built up in-depth knowledge throughout our 25 years of impact investing in sectors such as Energy & Climate, Inclusive Finance, Sustainable Food & Agriculture, and Sustainable Real Estate. Besides the 500+ direct impact investments in these sectors, we invest in listed companies with an above-average environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. With investments in 50+ countries Triodos Investment Management truly is a global player.

Triodos Investment Management is wholly-owned subsidiary of Triodos Bank NV, one of the world’s leading sustainable banks.

Wellington Management is one of the largest independent investment management firms in the world and traces its history back to 1928. Our innovative investment solutions are built on rigorous, proprietary research and span nearly all sectors of the global securities markets. Our diverse investment teams work together to uncover new investment ideas with the aim of helping clients to achieve their long-term goals.

Our Global Impact approach invests in companies whose core products and services address the world's major social and environmental problems. We believe such an approach can both generate strong potential investment returns and help to improve the lives of people around the world.

Demand for solutions to these challenges is already strong and is expected to grow significantly in the coming decades. We see particular opportunities among publicly listed companies with innovative solutions addressing large and growing end-markets. In our view, this is an inefficient area of the market where dedicated active investors can potentially uncover attractive opportunities. Many of these companies are found “off-the-beaten track” and hence have the ability to also provide diversification across a broader portfolio.

We focus on 10 impact investment themes across the broad areas of life essentials, human empowerment and the environment. These themes align with most of the UN’s sustainable development goals. For each company in our universe, we develop key performance indicators to help us monitor their progress towards delivering impact solutions.

Given the nature of impact companies, their stocks may experience near-term volatility, and the investment approach may therefore be especially suitable for long-term investors.

WHEB Asset Management is a positive impact investor focused on the opportunities created by the transition to a low carbon and sustainable global economy. We seek to generate superior returns from global equities by investing in companies providing solutions to some of the most serious environmental and social challenges facing mankind over the coming decades. The business is focussed on a single global equity strategy, which has been developed over the long-term and tested across market cycles. Our corporate mission in support of this aim is to “advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments”. We believe a focus on positive impact is an attractive source of investment return for the genuinely long term and fundamental investor. We are an owner managed partnership that is incentivised to take long-term decisions and put our client’s interests first.