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Our Affiliates include asset owners, government bodies, independent advisers, researchers and journalists. As at end November 2021, we had 149 Affiliate members signed up. Most of our Affiliate members have elected to remain anonymous but those signing up have a mix of roles, including pensions managers, chairs of trustees, Local Pension Board members and staff/member representatives on the pensions committee.

Adrian brings over 30 years’ professional experience in the industry, combining recent investment management and advisory experience with earlier consulting and corporate transaction experience. He is an independent investment adviser to Dyfed County Council and the Wohl Foundation, non-Executive director of a Blackrock investment Trust and  Chair of Trustees for the ATS foundation (a charity supporting a London school).

Adrian became an independent adviser in 2019, following 13 years as a client facing portfolio manager/Managing Director on global equity and multi-asset portfolios (at AllianceBernstein and, most recently, JPMorgan), advising institutional clients on their investments. He has worked with over 20 UK LGPS schemes over this time, as well as large corporate pension schemes, providing both ongoing investment advice and trustee training.

He has worked with a number of institutional clients in tailoring portfolios to meet ethical and ESG goals, and helped set up a sustainable equity strategy. He has acted as a panel member for Pensions for Purpose and has worked with clients in defining their beliefs. He retains a strong interest in sustainable investment, particularly in understanding what can be achieved while satisfying Trustees’ other fiduciary constraints.

Adrian holds an MA from Cambridge University and MBA from INSEAD.

Anthony is an FCA registered Adviser to Institutional Pension Funds. He has over 30 year’s professional experience as a Fixed Income Investor and Portfolio Manager. 

In 1996 Anthony joined the Fixed Income team at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, which as a result of takeover in 2005, became part of Aberdeen Asset Management.  In this role he was responsible for investment strategy and tactical asset allocation for fixed income and multi-asset clients with benchmark driven and total return objectives.  Anthony’s clients, included; LGPS and corporate, pension schemes; sovereign wealth funds; insurance companies and charitable foundations.

For the last 5 years of his time at Aberdeen Asset Management he was a member of the Consultative, and Chair of the Investment, Committee of the Group Pension Plan.  Responsible for investment policy and monitoring performance.

Anthony is currently “Independent Investment Adviser” to Derbyshire and Surrey County Council Pension Funds.

He is interested in background research on impact investment. 

Brunel Pension Partnership (Brunel) brings together £28 billion investments of 10 likeminded Local Government Pensions Scheme funds. We believe in making long term sustainable investments supported by robust and transparent process. We are here to protect the interests of our clients and their members. In collaboration with all our stakeholders we are forging better futures by investing for a world worth living in. 

As an affiliate of Pensions for Purpose, Brunel is actively able to participate in thought leadership discussions and enhance the general understanding of impact investment within our community and in the wider investment community. In addition, through discussion with other affiliates, including asset owners, government bodies, independent advisers and journalists, we are able to deepen our knowledge of this important topic for Brunel.

Brunel is one of eight national pooled funds, and will manage the investment of the pension assets for the funds of Avon, Buckinghamshire. Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Environment Agency, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, and Wiltshire Funds. 

Candia is an accredited professional pension trustee, with a background as an actuary. In her role as trustee she has become increasingly interested in how focusing on environmental, social and governance matters can bring a win-win result for all parties: making long-term investment count in improving the society we share, developing savers’ engagement with their financial and wider goals, and potentially improving investment returns over the long term.

While recognising that this is a gradual journey for most investors, Candia sees genuine excitement about the possibilities that open up when the investment focus changes, and engagement develops.

The Church Commissioners for England exist to support the work and mission of the Church of England. The Commissioners manage the endowment fund of the Church of England, using the money they make to contribute towards the cost of mission projects, diocese in low-income areas, bishops, cathedrals, and pensions. The Commissioners invest in a responsible and ethical way, which includes impact investment. They are pleased to be an Affiliate of Pension for Purpose to share learning and collaborate with other investors in this fast moving and critical space.

The Climate Change Collaboration was established in 2011 by four of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts; The Ashden Trust, Mark Leonard Trust, JJ Charitable Trust and Tedworth Charitable Trust. The group came together in 2011 to support, pilot and research projects to find ways of reducing CO2 emissions quickly. It sees collaboration as essential to accelerating change. In 2015 it co-established Europeans for DivestInvest as a way to catalyse thinking among asset owners about how to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon economy, thereby addressing the broad financial and societal risks of climate change and specific threat posed by remaining invested in a twilight industry. The charities are acutely aware that they have a particular legal obligation to ensure their investments align with their charitable purpose. The trusts have been involved in impact investing since 2010, and welcome the chance to deepen their knowledge as affiliate members.

Clwyd Pension Fund is a £2.3bn Local Government Pension Fund based in North Wales and a member of the Wales Pension Partnership. The Fund’s strategy is very diverse and has only 20% in listed equities but 27% in Private Markets including Timber and Farmland, Infrastructure, Impact and Local investments.

The Fund has been investing in Infrastructure since 2000 and dedicated renewable Funds since 2009. An analysis of the infrastructure portfolio has shown that 20% of the core portfolio is also invested in renewable projects.

The Fund started investing in “Impact” mandates in 2006 through a UK Regeneration Fund and Environmental Technology Funds and now has 20 investments within its 4% allocation to Impact / Local across Private Equity, Private Debt, Property and Infrastructure.

The Fund has also identified that many of its Private Market managers, whilst not classed as Impact, do map their investments against the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Clwyd Pension Fund Committee have recently agreed to adopt a 2050 Net Zero ambition for the Investment Strategy which will include a move to Global Active Sustainable Equities. We have also agreed, that in line with our ambition, we will look for investments in Impact and Sustainable Private Markets.

We are pleased to be an affiliate of Pensions for Purpose and continue our journey with likeminded Funds and Managers. 

Collegia is the only personal, workplace, self-employed and Auto Enrolment pension in one, making it the only truly flexible pension product in the market.
Our default investment strategy excludes, or minimizes the exposure to, controversial industries while increasing finance to companies aligned with the UN 2030 SDGs. As a result of a global commitment to the delivery of these goals, our view is that these companies will benefit from the necessary global policy efforts and tremendous investment driven by market forces and/or government intervention. 
The Collegia App allows members to take control of their pension. It provides real time information, enables them to make online contributions, and incorporates old pension schemes without needing to move the pension and thus losing valuable benefits. 
Our retirement planning tool – based on the contribution rates members are comfortable with and the ethics they care about – shows what kind of retirement members can expect, down to how much they’ll have to spend on groceries and holidays. They can see how their pension is performing and how their expected retirement lifestyle changes over time.

Cushon is an online workplace pension and savings platform provider, offering the world’s first net zero now pension. So, our members are not only saving for the retirement they deserve but they’re also helping to tackle climate change. And it’s not just about the climate crisis. Through our market-leading mobile app, employees can have a say in the way the companies their pension and savings are invested in manage other ethical issues that are important to them. We’re getting employees connected and feeling proud that their money is a force for good in the here and now; it’s the key to getting younger employees engaged.

With our innovative mobile app in the palm of their hands, employees can access and manage their pension and other savings on the go. They can change contributions, transfer in other savings, change beneficiary nominations and so much more; the reems and reems of paper normally associated with pensions and savings are gone and employees are able to manage their finances just like they manage most other things – through a mobile app anywhere and anytime. We’re all about getting employees engaged and making sure they’re on track with their savings goals.

David has 35+ years’ experience as an investor working for both institutions and a UHNW family office across a variety of asset classes. He co-founded Beagle Partners in 2004 a boutique asset manager for Global Emerging Markets and Disruptive Technologies. He now provides investment ideas and investment and business consultancy services. 

David has a particular interest in frameworks that help execute responsible, sustainable and positive impact investment. In particular helping to link asset owner mandates to processes that align with the values and co-benefits they seek in terms of impact and sustainability. Both for long term financial returns but also to deliver the desired impact on Natural, Human and Societal capital a framework and clear articulation of the investment outcomes is called for.

ESG and sustainability have always been part of his investment and risk management approach as they are central to successful making long term investments. In the last decade or so the pressure on global resources and climate change issues has driven a secular shift in areas of potential long term sustainable growth. As a result he has been active in identifying emerging technologies that meet the challenges of climate change and confront unsustainable economic trends. 

East Sussex Pension Fund has just over £4.5bn of assets and around 130 employers. The Fund has been making significant changes in its responsible investment approach, particularly focusing on climate strategy.

The Fund believes strongly in collaboration; sharing best in class practices as well as to improve engagement though the power of the collective voice. The Fund has made changes to its investment strategy to implement two Paris aligned equity funds and a resource efficient fund into its portfolio, as well as making investments of £480m into climate solutions. The Fund is part of the ACCESS LGPS pool and the chair is the ESG spokesperson for the pool.

Friends Provident Foundation is an independent charity that makes grants and uses its endowment towards a fair, resilient and sustainable economic system that serves society.

Our aspiration is that all our investments should generate both financial returns and positive social and environmental returns. We believe that our decisions on what to invest in, what not to invest in, how we exercise our stewardship responsibilities as a shareholder, and how we engage with asset managers and the financial system as a whole, should contribute to our charitable objectives.

As part of the integration of our investments with our mission, we currently allocate up to 10% of our endowment to impact investing. We are pleased to affiliate to Pensions for Purpose as an important collaborative initiative to share learning and increase understanding of the benefits of impact investment.

HESTA is the largest superannuation fund dedicated to Australia’s health and community services sector.

HESTA now has over 870,000 members (more than 80% are women) and manages more than $52 billion in assets invested around the world.

HESTA is committed to creating a real difference to the financial future of every member. As a responsible steward of members’ retirement savings, HESTA focuses on achieving strong, sustainable, long-term returns while making a positive difference to the world members will retire into.

I work with asset owners, financial professionals and campaigners to help them understand how the financial system intersects with society and the environment.  The climate emergency is the most pressing issue for most organisations I deal with, however, I also have experience in other environmental issues and purely social investment.  In addition I am an early stage environmental investor (member and shareholder in Green Angel Syndicate) and provide grant assessment services.

My background is in fund management having worked at various firms in the City, including the Henderson responsible investment team at the turn of the millennium.  I moved to Bristol to take on a corporate finance role at Triodos where I was responsible for raising capital for social and environmental organisations. Most notably, I ran the first share issue for Cafedirect and the first bond issue for Mencap’s housing arm.  

London CIV (LCIV) is the Collective Investment Vehicle for London’s 32 borough councils and the City of London Pension Funds. As part of our fiduciary duty, we believe that Responsible Investment and Engagement is not just a moral imperative but an economic necessity.

We are committed to protecting the interests of our clients and members by acknowledging that climate-related risks and broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are a source of financial risk.

We aim to make long-term sustainable investments supported by data-led and transparent processes. As an affiliate of Pensions for Purpose, we participate in thought leadership discussions to enhance and share our knowledge of impact investment.

LCIV’s vision is to be a best-in-class asset pool that delivers value for Londoners through responsible investment strategies. In collaboration with all our stakeholders we are building better futures by investing for a world worth living in.

Nick is a Resource & Environment investment actuary. Most recently he led the strategic advice for large EMEA institutions at Russell Investments and was their EMEA lead on Responsible Investing. He has since created Gordian Advice, a sustainable advisory boutique, focusing on integrating long-term environment, societal and governance (ESG) influences into investment strategies and portfolios.

Nick believes pension funds are a tipping point in defining their purpose. He sees that leading pension funds are not only reflecting on integrating ESG influences but are actively seeking opportunities that both generate returns and also deliver a positive impact for society. Those funds are reflecting on their purpose, the meaning of long-term investing and how they best understand their members’ preferences. They consider that all their beneficiaries have a vested and financial interest in the society they retire into. As a consequence, those leading funds are demanding more from their investments requiring them to generate both returns and impact. They typically find that such demands can be met with no material increase in risk nor loss of returns and that these approaches can even be risk/return enhancing.

Finally, Nick is a passionate believer on the importance of values & culture and an advocate for aligning the asset management industry with a broad societal purpose. He was Co-chair of Russell Investments’ EMEA Diversity & Inclusion committee and is an Ambassador for the Diversity Project.

Penfold is the modern, flexible pension built for how we live and work today. We’re a digital alternative to traditional pension companies, and we allow our customers to set up, manage and track their pensions online. At Penfold, we help savers keep their pension sustainable and socially responsible in 3 ways.

First, we have our Sustainable plan, a pension fund managed by BlackRock that prioritizes investments with a high ESG rating. This strategy uses a mix of exclusion, removing companies and sectors with negative environmental or social impacts like tobacco or weapons, and a focus on socially responsible investing. This means actively investing a larger percentage of the fund in companies with the highest ESG rating compared to peers.

Next, our Explore Your Pension feature. We believe transparency is a vital part of sustainable investing - savers should know exactly where the money in their pension is, so they can align their investments with your ethics. Explore Your Pension gives savers complete visibility into their pension, highlighting which industries and countries their plan invests in, as well as which individual companies are included.

Finally, we also make it easy to vote by proxy. With Explore Your Pension, savers can opt-in to be notified anytime companies they're invested in hold their Annual General Meetings. Then, when the boards discuss issues like climate change or social responsibility, savers can have their say, right from our app. If enough do the same, their opinion will be aired at the AGM by a fund representative.

As a pension investor, we aim to achieve an optimal return for our clients while maintaining a responsible risk profile. Within this core task, we pay particular attention to responsible investment based on the conviction that this can reduce risks and offers opportunities to make a good return with investments that contribute to social and environmental solutions. This is especially true in the long period in which the money of our clients is entrusted to us. We also want to contribute to a liveable, more sustainable world, in which our clients’ participants receive their pensions.

Radek Stech (PhD) is the Founder/CEO of the Sustainable Finance, the Law and Stakeholders (SFLS) Network and a senior academic at the University of Exeter Law School. He has more than 13 years of solid research, consultancy and advisory experience in sustainable finance, banking and environmental law. Through his various research projects, Radek has collaborated with PGGM, the US Chamber of Commerce, the World Bank, the Welsh Government, WWF UK, PGGM and many leading international law firms. He has held fellowships at George Washington University Law School, the World Bank Group, and the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV). He is a member of The Bretton Woods Committee. Radek led beneficial owners (such as BlackRock and PGGM) towards a principle-based approach to sustainable securities lending during 2018-2019.

In 2020, he founded the Global Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending (Global PSSL) community interest company that takes this work to a new level. He is convinced that sustainable securities lending will play an essential role in the success of the Global Sustainable Finance Market. Radek co-founded the International Securities Lending Association Council for Sustainable Finance (ICSF). Despite the recent social and economic turbulence, Dr Stech has grown ICSF membership and forged strong partnerships around the world.

Like many others, I fell into financial services!  I moved to Glasgow from Bristol 25 years ago and, having some experience and exams in insurance administration, financial services offered me the quickest route to employment.

With multiple employers, three adult children, three Paraplanning Awards and Chartered Financial Planner status under my belt, I became a little bored with the industry and lived for my private pastimes, from managing my daughter’s music career to helping out in the community.

However, in  2019, my older daughter announced she didn’t want to have children due to the threats the planet faces and my interest in sustainable investment was ignited. My role also changed to Compliance and T & C Supervisor and I discovered new challenges and skills to focus on. In 2020, lockdown has allowed me to develop Cornerstone’s sustainable investment proposition further, including the launch of our FourWord Thinking podcast. For the first time in ages, I am absolutely loving the job I do and the positive change I can make.

South Yorkshire Pensions Authority is a unique organisation within the Local Government Pension Scheme as the only democratically accountable single purpose pension administering authority, created in 1988 to act as steward of the £8.5bn South Yorkshire Pension Fund. The Fund has had a long and successful history of internal management and has long treated responsible investment issues seriously being a very early member of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum. More recently the Authority has chosen to participate within the Border to Coast pool and transferred its internal investment team to the new Partnership.

The Authority believes strongly in using its financial muscle to “make stuff happen”, whether that be changing corporate behaviour through engagement, supporting the transition to a low carbon economy through investing in renewables, or achieving local impact through an allocation to local commercial property loan finance.

William has been working in the institutional asset markets for 35 years and in various, mainly non-executive, roles with pension funds since 2009.  A thought leader within the financial industry, he has been quoted in numerous articles and papers, both media and academic, as well as in government responses to consultations.  

He acts as independent adviser to Nottinghamshire and East Sussex Pension Funds, and as independent chair to Lancashire and LPFA Pension Boards.  William has a Masters in Finance from the London Business School and is the Director of Linchpin Advisory Limited, providing independent advisory services to public and private sector institutions on investment and governance.

William is interested in how pension funds can put in place good decision-making processes so that impact investing achieves the right balance between financial returns and social benefits. 

Worcestershire Pension Fund has just under £3bn worth of investments and over 200 Employers. The Fund has been growing its mix of Property and Infrastructure investments since 2015 with a current target asset allocation of 15% which includes actual investment of around 7% in offshore wind farms and other forms of renewable energy. This is likely to increase further through our impending Strategic Asset Allocation review.

From an asset allocation point of view it appears to us preferable to think about impact strategies within the already well-established asset classes rather than as a standalone bucket and we will continue to seek out appropriate investment opportunities.

The Fund is a part-owner of LGPS Central, the ‘asset pool’ of which the Fund is a participating member. With the Fund’s support, LGPS Central has developed a leading approach to responsible investment and has identified climate change as one of its key stewardship themes.

The Fund believes strongly that working in collaboration and collectively with LGPS Central and Partner funds will increase the likelihood that it will be heard by the company, fund manager or other relevant stakeholder compared with acting alone and supports for instance the transition to a low carbon economy.