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You should join as a Network Supporter if you are an organisation that would like to publicly express support for Pensions for Purpose and where you have a similar commitment to raising the profile of impact investment. This is a free membership but you will not have access to the Affiliate-only content nor the ability to post items on the platform. Please click here to complete the Network Supporter form.

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At #NSFMNextGen we aim to provide support for the next generation of financial industry professionals and stakeholders. We want to inspire changes in financial markets by considering truly global and holistic perspectives.

At #NSFMNextGen…

  • We provide thought leadership on sustainability with focus on financial markets.
  • We engage experts on environmental, social and governance issues (with a focus on SDG goals and themes).
  • We foster long term thinking in investment and decision making.
  • We spur innovation in skills required for the next generation financial market challenges.
#NSFMNextGen is an open access network composed of passionate members from the industry, NGOs, academia or the wider society. The network is based upon the principle of inclusiveness and professional as well as personal development of #NextGen.

To achieve this #NSFMNextGen provides a framework and structure for member-led workstreams. Currently we are working to launch workstreams in knowledge exchange, mentorships and career/talent management.

At BeyondWords our purpose is to help brands and institutions go beyond words and create real sustainability impact. To do this we help our clients turn communications into their greatest asset. Impact reports set the tone for how organizations measure and accelerate their sustainability progress. Our impact communications experts help brands harness best in class, beautiful reporting, utilizing brand and sector relevant ESG/Impact KPIs. This helps our clients better attract impact investors and perform on ESG ratings. At BeyondWords, we make the reporting process smooth, enjoyable and affordable. 

BST Impact Sàrl was founded by Kristina Touzenis after she spent 20+ years working in the multilateral sector. Her worldwide experience in creating policies, strategies as well as supporting concrete implementation of the social parts of the SDGs based on international law as well as developing good governance inspired her to take that experience to the private sector. BST Impact sàrl gathers a group of global experts and knowledge leaders in their respective fields. With – combined – over 60 years of experience worldwide withing international public law (including human rights law, labour law and anti-trafficking legislation, sustainable finance and sustainability from both private an public sector. Using a norms-based approach rarely found in the financial sector we offer a broader view of what sustainability, ESG and 'impact' are, providing a robust foundation for both change and risk management as well as communication that is results and not report based. BST Impact offers support in sustainability strategy development; due diligence; multistakeholder engagement – including for Asset Managers and investors with their portfolio companies; development of internal governance; social KPIs; staying in front of regulation on social sustainability. Within the BST Impact extended team there are experts on environmental sustainability as well as inclusion, reporting systems and workflow management, and board reviews.

Carbon Tracker is an independent financial think tank that carries out in-depth analysis on the impact of the energy transition on capital markets and the potential investment in high-cost, carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

Its team of financial market, energy and legal experts apply groundbreaking research using leading industry databases to map both risk and opportunity for investors on the path to a low-carbon future.

It has cemented the terms “carbon bubble”, “unburnable carbon” and “stranded assets” into the financial and environmental lexicon.

ChangeNOW is the world’s largest event for the planet.

Every year the 3-day international summit brings together the most innovative solutions and impactful changemakers tackling our planet’s biggest challenges, to take action, together. ChangeNOW builds bridges between the entrepreneurs, business leaders and policy-makers to accelerate change.

Charities must be careful how they spend their donor money, and pension schemes are expensive to manage, so we’ve designed membership to the Charities Pensions Club (CPC) to bring a strong return on investment from day one.

We enable pension professionals in the charity sector to share collective knowledge and experience. This community provides an invaluable network to soundboard ideas, find solutions to issues and benchmark data to protect their future.

Charities often have a different pensions focus than other employers, so the opportunity to work as a collective to gain intel can bypass expensive consultancy services. Through meetings and a group forum, CPC members access clear, practical information on industry trends.

Our membership includes some of the UK's leading charities.

For further information, contact us today.

Climate Bonds Initiative is an international NGO working to mobilise global capital for climate action.

We promote investment in projects and assets necessary for a rapid transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy.

The strategy is to develop a large and liquid Green and Climate Bonds Market that will help drive down the cost of capital for climate projects in developed and emerging markets; to grow aggregation mechanisms for fragmented sectors; and to support governments seeking to tap debt capital markets. We empower our Partner organisations with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate, influence, and instigate change.

Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit. Our work therefore is an open source public good and falls into three workstreams: Market Intelligence, developing market standards, and providing policy models and advice.

ECCR’s vision is a more just and sustainable world. A registered charity, we work to encourage joined-up financial choices and campaigning actions. The money that we spend, save, invest or give away has the potential to harm or to do good.

Over the years, we’ve worked to help churches and church members have a better understanding of finance and corporate responsibility, and how they can contribute to positive change.  We’ve done this by providing research and materials for campaigning and advocacy and more recently, have run the Ethical Money Churches programme in the South West and the West Midlands to help Christians connect the dots between faith and finance.

Building on this work, we launched Money Makes Change in January 2020. The programme aims to open up these conversations further and encompasses a broad set of free resources for discussion and action, catering for people where they’re at.

Emergent is a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the speed and scale of tropical forest conservation to combat the climate crisis.

Forests are crucial for life on earth. Protecting the world’s forests represents perhaps the greatest and most cost-effective opportunity to turn the corner on climate change over the next two decades. Nature-based solutions (NBS) have the potential to provide nearly one-third of the solution to climate change, yet NBS receive roughly 3 percent of international climate finance.

Emergent mobilizes large-scale finance for national and sub-national tropical forest and climate protection programs known as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, or REDD+.

Emergent connects buyers and sellers of large-scale emissions reductions from jurisdictional REDD+ programs, providing a reliable means of transacting large volumes of high-quality international forest carbon credits while helping to navigate market complexities and policy uncertainties.

Future-Fit Foundation is a UK-registered charity. Our vision is a Future-Fit Society: one which is environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive. Given where we are today, this vision can only be realized through a rapid and radical shift in the way our economy works.

Our mission is to catalyze this shift — by translating systems science into practical free-to-use tools designed to help business leaders, investors and policy makers respond effectively to today’s biggest challenges.

The Global PSSL initiative represents the most progressive and determined move towards uniting the sustainable finance ambitions of market leaders with the tenets of sustainable securities lending.

Global PSSL will advance sustainable securities lending, and the broader global sustainable finance market, through cutting edge market leadership, research and educational innovation, international collaboration, and tangible impact. Drawing on the collective experience of the initial working group, the ISLA Council for Sustainable Finance (ICSF) and broader roundtables, Global PSSL is uniting the efforts and aspirations of these groups under a globally recognised market standard.

Global PSSL is a not-for-profit, impartial and impact-driven social enterprise that provides a hub for all key stakeholders to co-create, maintain and progress this critical agenda.

Global PSSL will focus on the following objectives:

Global Market Standard: To secure recognition of the Global Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending as a global market standard for sustainable securities lending by early 2021 (following a consultation at the end of 2020).

Market Influence: Through participation and active engagement, market leaders will have a  stake in Global PSSL, allowing it to achieve genuine and positive market changes in the long term.

Global Impact: Through its interconnectedness, Global PSSL will contribute to the broader sustainable finance agenda (i.e. sustainable development goals, market liquidity, active ownership and stewardship and the community interest). 

IFC - a member of the World Bank Group - is the largest global development finance institution focused on the private sector in low- and middle-income countries. For six decades, IFC has been at the forefront of impact investing. In 2019, IFC developed and launched - in consultation with a group of asset owners and managers - the Operating Principles for Impact Management to bring greater discipline and transparency to impact investing. IFC has been a pioneer of green, social and sustainable bonds, and led the creation of the Green Bond Principles and Social Bond Principles. IFC has mobilized around $15 billion from institutional investors to co-invest in long-term debt and equity, and engages with asset owners to encourage the trillions of dollars in investments necessary to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Impact Frontiers, an initiative of the Impact Management Project, is a learning and innovation collaboration among asset managers and owners. Impact Frontiers supports investors in building new capabilities to manage impact and integrate impact with financial data, analysis, frameworks, and processes. Through confidential structured meetings and activities, cohort members experiment with new approaches, share their tools and experiences, learn from peers, benefit from thought partnership and advance the state of impact management practice in the field. We share what we learn via open-source materials for use by any investor, to advance our vision of a world where all investments are made and measured in consideration of their integrated financial, social, and environmental impacts.

The Impact Investing Institute is an independent institute which aims to accelerate the growth and improve the effectiveness of the impact investing market in the UK and globally.

It will do this by raising awareness, addressing barriers and increasing confidence in investing with impact.

Launched in 2019, the Institute is based in London and brings together two existing groups: the Implementation Taskforce for Growing a Culture of Social Impact Investing in the UK, led by Dame Elizabeth Corley, former CEO of Allianz Global Investors, and the UK National Advisory Board on impact investing, led by Sir Harvey McGrath, former Chair of Man Group and Prudential, and Chair of Big Society Capital.

It is part of a global network of national advisory boards, grouped together in the Global Steering Group for impact investment.

The Institute actively engages across the spectrum of investors and investees – with individuals, asset owners, managers and intermediaries and with businesses, social enterprises and other organisations committed to making a social impact. It works with national governments, regulators and multilateral bodies to influence policy and advocate for impact investment.

InvestAmazonia is a company that blends Amazonian expertise and international experience to deliver projects and build partnerships in the Amazon rainforest. With a select network of highly qualified professionals, we match regional demands to foreign interests with a unique, context-specific, opportunity-led, design. Our work is based on strategy, partnership and a disruptive mindset.

We want to Make Money Matter

Make My Money Matter is a people-powered campaign fighting for a world where we all know where our money goes, and where we can demand it builds a better future.

We’re going to create public demand to invest in people and planet

We’re going to help people find out where their money’s going, and we’re going to enable them to demand it does better. We’re going to connect this call with changemakers in the private and the public sector. And together, we’ll demand that the financial system transforms to put people and planet on a par with profit.

Doing this, we’ll help move trillions of pounds – away from investments which harm people and planet, and into investments which drive the Global Goals and the Paris Agreement.

Now is the time

With a unique window presenting through the UK’s presidencies of COP26 and the 2021 G7, we plan on harnessing this opportunity and catalysing this energy to build a movement that ensures every member of the public has the power to Make Money Matter.

Established in 2009, mallowstreet is the online and events community for the pensions industry. We are working to solve the pensions and savings crisis by creating a centre of excellence for education and collaboration.

We build mallowstreet to help remove unnecessary barriers among disparate groups within the pensions industry and to encourage connectivity and collaboration.

The community has over 3,000 members who control over £2 trillion of pension fund assets.

The Maturity Institute (MI) was established in 2012 as a new, multi-disciplinary professional development institution to help all enterprises address their changing, global, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) responsibilities. MI’s purpose is to maximise the creation of Total Stakeholder Value (TSV), which incorporates both company performance and societal value. We welcome all professions as practising members; including investment professionals, board members, senior executives and managers. MI integrates all management disciplines into a single, coherent, organizational system under a common purpose of TSV. Our OMINDEX® diagnostic and ESG standard is increasingly used by investors, as a key ESG measure, and by corporates as a Total Value Management system.

Minerva Analytics is a new kind of proxy advisor. Based in the UK, Minerva is Europe’s only independent provider of global proxy voting services with a sustainability-centric approach. Following the acquisition of Manifest in March 2018, Minerva offers clients a tightly-connected and carefully designed suite of services comprising electronic voting, research, bespoke ESG voting policies, and a comprehensive range of key governance data to support an evidence-based approach to stewardship. Minerva enables clients to fulfil their stewardship responsibilities with  easy to use analytical tools which offer real insight into governance practices, not just during the proxy season but all year round.

For the past two decades, Minerva has helped organisations such as the OECD, the British Government, Financial Reporting Council, academics, asset owners and managers tackle the challenges of analysing ESG and shareholder voting-related data.

For more than 45 years the Pensions Management Institute has been at the forefront of professional development and standards within the pension industry. Our wide range of educational programmes and courses have supported some 7,000 members establish, maintain and advance the highest levels of pensions knowledge so that they have the right skills to manage and advise some of the largest institutions in the world. This is an ongoing challenge. Like any industry, pensions continue to develop and evolve and as an educational institute for the sector, we are committed to supporting our members throughout their careers through our qualifications and insight for the benefit of both pension scheme members and society at large.

Pensions for Purpose also recognises the value of shared knowledge and experience, particularly as it pertains to impact investment and the positive effect this can have on both the environment and society. We are pleased to partner with them to further this endeavour.

Polar Research and Policy Initiative (PRPI) is a London-based international think-tank and institute dedicated to Arctic, Nordic, North Atlantic and North Pacific affairs. Headquartered in London and with a presence across North America, Europe and the Pacific, PRPI is the world's leading Arctic-focused think-tank. Every year, PRPI convenes high-level policy dialogues, conferences and events around the world that bring together policymakers, academics, business and thought leaders to exchange ideas, make connections and collaborate on topics and projects that prioritise community empowerment, tackle climate change and address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With an annual readership of five million, our digital portal 'The Polar Connection' is also the world's largest platform and publisher for Arctic analysis and commentary. PRPI also work and consult on active projects too with partners in the public, private and voluntary sector, including national and local governments, indigenous communities, private companies, NGOs and voluntary organisations. 

The Quality of Life Foundation is a charity whose aim is to raise people’s quality of life by making health and wellbeing central to the way we create and care for our homes and communities. We are carrying out research into what people need from their local areas; building a quality of life framework; and instigating practical projects to support more long-term thinking in industry and government.

ReGenerate is making it easier to start, grow and lead a purpose-driven business.

Entrepreneurs and established businesses have a tremendous power to help tackle the great social and environmental issues of our age, from modern slavery and in-work poverty to climate change and racial injustice. When their unique ability to innovate and scale is combined with a drive for positive impact it can transform society and the planet. We believe the world would be a better place if there were more businesses operating like this. They are especially needed in light of COVID-19.

It is, however, harder than it should be to set up, grow or lead a business seeking to have a positive impact on society. The ecosystem that supports them is immature, and too many leaders are frustrated in their attempts to run a business with a purpose beyond profit.

ReGenerate is helping accelerate the growth of the ecosystem that supports purpose-driven businesses in order to make it easier for people to start, grow and lead companies that are doing good in the world. We are a deeply collaborative organisation, and have gathered leading thinkers from across established business, government, academia, investment and entrepreneurship. Together, we are conducting research that identifies the barriers and shares the solutions necessary to make the UK, and wider world, a great place for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses, and starting initiatives to help address them.

ShareAction is a campaigning organisation. Its vision is a world where ordinary savers and institutional investors work together to ensure our communities and environment are safe and sustainable for all.

Silver Linings is a competition addressing the fact that care for the older generations needs investable ideas to ensure beneficiaries are provided for, and that this provision is sustainable.

Launched on January 18th by Responsible Investor, the sustainable finance media company, in collaboration with Sally Bridgeland, FIA (trustee, non-executive director and adviser), and Dr Rachel Melsom, MBBS, BSc. (Director, Medical Matrix Consulting, and practicing physician with a special interest in Older Persons Care), the competition solicits Brainwaves and investable Business Plans to help improve care for older generations, build on the values we believe are important, and make these financially investable, sustainable and socially desirable.

Social Invest is a communications consultancy helping investors and businesses tell their story and define and amplify their positive social and environmental impact. We use specialisms in communications to promote ESG, socially responsible investing (SRI) and sustainable finance, in UK placemaking and the built environment.

Through our unrivalled sector knowledge, values-driven approach and creative expertise, we offer engaging and compelling narratives for organisations in the financial sector and not-for-profit, public and private sectors, operating across housing, regeneration, real estate and infrastructure.

Our approach is built around shared values, bridging the communications gap and helping clients better understand the organisations and sectors they are looking to partner with.

The Surrey Pension Fund manages the pensions of over 100,000 members and has a fund value of approximately £5bn.

The Fund has a long-standing commitment to transparency and responsible investing. It has produced a TCFD report since the financial year 2019/20 and continues to examine ways to improve information flow and understanding between its stakeholders.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, are the guiding principles for the Fund’s approach to ESG engagement. In 2020, the Fund commissioned a mapping exercise to better understand the positioning of the Fund relative to the SDGs and will further integrate this approach into our investment strategy in the years ahead.

More recently, the Fund has launched its own RI Policy, having run a consultation process with all members, employers and open to the public. The results were extremely supportive of the Fund’s approach to ESG. The Policy and consultation feedback can be found on our website.

ESG runs through our investment strategy and our latest TCFD highlighted the significant reduction in carbon exposure within the Fund over the last 3 years, driven by both asset allocation and positioning within funds. The Fund has long-standing private market investments in renewable and clean energy and in 2022 committed a further £235m to the Border to Coast Climate Opportunities Fund which seeks to have a real-world impact. 

The Circle Line is a mental wellbeing specialist - our bespoke online therapy platform, network of practitioners and unique self-development programme drive self-discovery and personal growth.

We believe it's crucial to take a proactive approach and to normalise the conversation around mental health within business, creating a culture of personal growth. This way, we help you optimise human potential.

We want to help businesses harness the value of applying psychology in the workplace - working towards optimal mental health for their people, so they can deliver optimal performance and optimal business results.

The African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) Continental Business Network (CBN) was established by African Union Heads of State and launched in June 2015, as an exclusive infrastructure and private sector investment advisory platform, engaging and interfacing high-level African policy makers and captains of finance and institutional investment, on a range of strategic issues, to deepen the African investment community’s participation in the Programme for Infrastructure Development for Africa (PIDA) and African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) industrial and digital infrastructure related projects, sector policy and the overall promotion of investment projects.

The purpose of The Diversity Project is to accelerate progress towards an inclusive culture in the investment and savings profession, so that the industry has the right talent to deliver the best possible results for its clients and to reflect the society we serve.

The Project spans the whole range of the profession (asset owners, fund managers, fund selectors, pension consultants, actuaries, trustees, wealth managers and the professional standards and trade bodies) and aims to achieve diversity across all dimensions, including gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, LGBT+, SMART working, returners, neuro-inclusion and disability.

The Diversity Project is a cross-company initiative that works with its member firms to complement and amplify existing initiatives, through a joined-up and intensive approach with a sense of urgency.

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is the global champion of impact investing, dedicated to increasing its scale and effectiveness around the world. The GIIN builds critical infrastructure and supports activities, education, and research that help to accelerate the development of a coherent impact investing industry.

The mission of The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) is to drive real impact that improves lives and the planet by innovating, agitating and orchestrating the advance towards impact economies. 

It was established in August 2015 to continue the work of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established under the UK’s presidency of the G8. It currently covers 33 countries and brings together impact leaders from the worlds of finance, business, government and philanthropy.

The Predistribution Initiative (PDI) supports investors in co-creating new approaches that align their internal investment governance and financial analysis practices with the principles of system-level investing and Universal Ownership. PDI specifically focuses on four overlapping and complementary workstreams, including: 
  • Improving standard setting and disclosures by both companies and investors
  • Improving internal governance practices of investors
  • Improving financial analysis techniques of investors
  • Advancing investor uptake of regenerative investment structures
PDI takes a multi-stakeholder approach to co-creating solutions so that investors can stay ahead of the curve on identifying material environmental, social, governance, and systematic issues.

Our aim is to make sustainable business, business as usual.

HRH The Prince of Wales established A4S in 2004 to work with the finance and accounting community to:

  • Inspire finance leaders to adopt sustainable and resilient business models
  • Transform financial decision making to reflect the opportunities and risks posed by the climate crisis and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues
  • Scale up action to transition to a sustainable economy

A4S has three global networks:

  • Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Leadership Network - CFOs from leading organizations seeking to transform finance and accounting
  • Accounting Bodies Network (ABN) - members comprise approximately two thirds of the world’s accountants
  • Asset Owners Network (AON) - Pension Fund Chairs who integrate sustainability into investment decision making

Tobacco Free Portfolios is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Dr Bronwyn King in 2010 that works exclusively with the finance sector. We are  focused on encouraging and enabling the adoption of a framework to aid the implementation of tobacco-free finance across pension funds, asset managers, insurers, banks, ratings agencies, research houses and all associated activities.

Tobacco Free Portfolios work with leaders in finance across the globe. Our flagship initiative The Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge was launched in 2018 during United Nations General Assembly week, and currently has more than145 signatories, from 22 countries, representing AUM of over US $10.9 trillion.

The UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) is the UK’s leading membership organisation for sustainable finance, committed to promoting a financial system that works for the benefit of the environment, society, and us all. UKSIF represents a diverse range of financial services firms committed to these aims, and our nearly 300 members, representing over £19trn of global assets under management (AUM), include investment managers, pension funds, banks, financial advisers, ESG data and research providers, NGOs, among others.

UKSIF and our members have played a prominent role to embed sustainability in the UK’s policymaking and regulatory framework over recent years, and find ways to overcome barriers to the growth of sustainability in the UK. For example, UKSIF is a representative of the UK’s Green Technical Advisory Group (GTAG) advising on the delivery of the UK’s ‘green taxonomy’, and we are working to ensure the taxonomy can set the highest standard possible for green investment for the rest of the world to follow.

The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) develops free and publicly available benchmarks that rank the world’s 2,000 most influential companies on their contributions to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In partnership with its global, multi-stakeholder Alliance of over 200 organisations, WBA is building a movement to increase the private sector’s impact towards a sustainable future for all.