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Pensions for Purpose guides pension funds and other institutional investors on their journey through the spectrum of capital towards embracing impact investing as a philosophy.

We have been growing our Community of over 400 organisational members and 1,200 individuals since 2017 bringing together stakeholders to share best practice and promote understanding of environmental, social and governance (ESG), sustainable and impact investment.

Our members have access to Pensions for Purpose services, where they benefit from the resources they need to guide their approach to impact investment.

Why become a member of the Pensions for Purpose community?

Instilling knowledge

We equip stakeholders with a range of resources and comprehensive information to empower their decision-making and understanding of impact investment.

Members actively contribute content and have access to an extensive Knowledge Centre where they can engage with thought leadership and explore case studies. Within the platform, members can also delve into our Impact Lens research, catch up with post-event resources and sign up for newsletters.

Developing the debate

The evolving area of impact investment requires review, challenge and transparency through collaboration and communication. Our Community provides an environment to share and debate the pertinent issues and find solutions through our extensive events programme.

Join our Community to connect with pension trustees, consultants, fund managers and other stakeholders in the industry.  Take part in a training workshop or afternoon tea events showcasing members’ expertise. The outcome of discussions across our programme often filter their way into ideas for future Impact Lens research projects and training for pension funds.

Moving from intention to action

As we transition to a more sustainable economy the risk of doing nothing increase and the potential investment opportunities in the market will grow.

We are here to help members navigate the hurdles by providing impartial insight in Briefing Room updates and training workshops, as well as guidance on the Impact Investing Principles for Pensions and other frameworks.

We also help pension funds identify impact leaders and access further solutions.

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