A cohesive approach to sustainability: introduction to setting sustainability priorities – Isio

With a large shopping list of social and environmental issues to be considered, addressing these sequentially may not necessarily be the answer.

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... This is the first paper in a three-part series, and lays the foundations for a implementing a sustainable investment strategy, in practice. As environmental and social concerns rise in prominence, we are increasingly aware that our investments do not live in isolation of real-world impacts. Sustainability risks are impacting on portfolios and multiplying beyond the climate emergency.

This is a two-way street, with investments compounding today’s sustainability challenges. We are becoming increasingly aware of the rising externalities of the modern financial system, from a sustainability perspective, in contributing to the climate emergency and nature degradation, and beyond.

In this paper, Isio provide a brief introduction to the importance of a cohesive consideration of sustainability factors, today. The first step is to understand the priority sustainability areas that matter most to you as an investor starting with training and beliefs setting. There will be synergies and trade-offs amongst sustainability issues when setting sustainability priorities, these will need to be reconciled within the portfolio, within and across mandates, to understand acceptable (versus unacceptable) trade-offs and possible unintended consequences.

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