Making sense of 2023 and what to watch out for in 2024 – Mondiale Impact

Mondiale Impact's reflections on key themes from 2023 and the questions every board and decision-maker should be asking in 2024.

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... In 2023 the impact debate in the boardroom became more serious and consequential.

Market leaders – across industries and geographies – are those who take decisions to deploy their products, services and resources that not only consider but contribute to solutions to address significant issues affecting people and planet. Transition is the central theme that brings coherence to what we observed in 2023 and this will continue to be a helpful frame for decision-makers as they head into 2024.

What transition means in action will feature prominently in every board's agenda. Mondiale Impact canvas some key areas where they are seeing this play out:
1. ESG is not impact.
2. Effective governance remains an undervalued lever of change.
3. Sustainability has a huge social component smart organisations and their boards will continue to build and strengthen their fitness to respond.

Visionary leaders will seize the value creation opportunities for how their organisations can differentiate and build resilience for strong performance.

Mondiale Impact leave you with three questions every board should be asking themselves in 2024.

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