X for Xeriscaping – A-Z of impact investing

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... Xeriscaping  refers to gardening and landscaping irrigation techniques which aim to conserve water and promote sustainability, especially in water-scarce environments. Impact investors focused on water conservation and the environment can promote and support projects or businesses that use water-conservation techniques, helping to reduce water usage and enhance ecosystem resilience. Therefore, these investors will contribute to more sustainable land and management practices.

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A for Additionality
C for Concessionary 
D for Double materiality 
E for ESG
F for Fiduciary duty 
G for Green bonds
H for Hydrogen
I for Intentionality
J for Just transition
K for Key performance indicators
L for Low carbon 
M for Measurement
N for Natural capital
O for Outcomes 
P for Paris Agreement
Q for Qualitative Impact Assessment Protocol
R for Responsible investment
S for Sustainable development goals
T for Triple bottom line
U for Underserved communities 
V for Vocational training
W for Water access
Y for Youth empowerment 
Z for Zero-waste strategy (coming soon)