Agrivoltaics – the future of agriculture? – Aquila Capital

Agrivoltaics, the innovative fusion of agriculture and solar energy, offers tremendous potential and brings opportunities and challenges for sustainable growth.

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... In this white paper, Aquila Clean Energy, the clean energy development platform of the Aquila Group, summarises opportunities and challenges of agrivoltaics.

  • Enhanced land use: agrivoltaics optimise land use by co-locating solar panels above agricultural fields, to enable dual-purpose farming and solar energy generation.
  • Increased crop productivity: interestingly, some crops benefit from solar panels' shading, resulting in improved water efficiency and higher yields.
  • Synergistic resource management: agrivoltaics optimise resource usage, boost solar module efficiency, and address challenges like water scarcity and energy costs.
  • Climate change mitigation: by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, agrivoltaics contribute to a low-carbon economy and environmental sustainability.

  • Technological integration: effective integration of solar panels and agricultural systems requires careful planning, design, and engineering.
  • Regulatory surroundings: the regulatory framework for agrivoltaics is still being developed, posing challenges in terms of permissions, incentives, and policy support.

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