Appetite for destruction – Federated Hermes Limited

Cattle ranching remains the main driver of deforestation in the Amazon, with land cleared for grazing or the production of soy for animal feed. Sonya Likhtman and Joanne Beatty explain how Federated Hermes Limited challenge companies on their supply chains to preserve and restore this important habitat.

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... The Amazon rainforest represents nearly a third of all the tropical rainforest remaining on Earth. But deforestation increased under Brazil’s Bolsonaro government, partly due to the weakening of policies and limited law enforcement. Over 70% of this deforestation is thought to be accounted for by cattle ranching, with land cleared for grazing. The production of soybeans, primarily for animal feed, is also a significant contributor to deforestation and the associated biodiversity loss. Clearing and burning the Amazon rainforest destroys vital habitats and releases carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, fuelling global heating. Studies have shown that large ecosystems, such as the Amazon rainforest, may collapse quickly once critical tipping points are reached.

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