From the White House to the EU: how the world is driving green investing – Octopus

Global spending in the net zero transition is estimated to reach £220 trillion between 2021 and 2050. What is the role of institutional investors and how can they benefit?

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... Last year, President Joe Biden approved the Inflation Reduction Act to tackle climate change and inject billions of dollars into clean energy. Not to be outdone, the EU has also proposed measures to stay competitive. Meanwhile, the UK has set a net zero target for 2050 and, to reach it, will need to invest £40 billion each year over the next decade in new low-carbon and digital infrastructure. But it's not just the environment that stands to benefit. Institutional investors will be able to take advantage of these developments. Investing in sectors with strong tailwinds can achieve multiple goals – from mitigating climate risk to creating social and environmental impact.

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