Place-based impact investment at The Good Economy

Future directions of travel.

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... Parallel to its place-based impact investment (PBII) lab demonstration projects, The Good Economy (TGE) is planning a new 'PBII strategy consulting' service to meet burgeoning interest from local authorities, institutional investors, banks and other stakeholders. To unify this diverse interest, TGE have designed a new 3E PBII goal framework for mapping players, places and projects by the three long-term societal challenges that face us all:

  • E for ecological sustainability, the net-zero transition.
  • E for the essentials of everyday living, the foundational economy.
  • E for economic dynamism, ‘long-wave’ innovative growth sectors.
The new framework complements the now familiar six-pillar conceptual model of PBII, imbuing it with a strong sense of social purpose, directionality and collective responsibility – what we need to scale up and mainstream PBII. Together, the framework and the model can provide investors, local stakeholders and other sectors with a coherent and timely ‘road map’ for designing and aligning strategies.

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