Modern slavery: from awareness to action - video - AllianceBernstein

Investors have a central role to play in detecting and disrupting modern slavery. Maximizing impact requires integration, engagement and global collaboration.

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... Modern slavery is a social evil that still persists today. Whilst it’s illegal and it’s a crime, there’s currently more than 50 million people who are subject to modern slavery-related practices. This can include things like child exploitation, sexual exploitation, forced marriage, wage theft, deceptive recruitment practices and forced labor.

It’s not just an emerging-market issue, it happens around the world. Investors may have unintended exposure to these practices in their investing companies, either in their own operations or in their supply chain. AllianceBernstein think that investors have a key role to play to detect and disrupt modern slavery. Not only is it the right thing to do but, as fundamental investors, it also helps them understand companies better.

There’s a couple of reasons of why they think that modern slavery has the potential to be one of the next big things when it comes to ESG integration.

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