Climate adaptation: adapting to a warmer planet – J.P. Morgan Asset Management

With global warming on the rise, it is important for investors to know about adapting to climate impacts.

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  • Adaptation should be seen as essential to tackling the climate impacts that cannot now be avoided – yet it’s too often ignored by investors, leaving the world at risk of ever-greater climate-related losses.
  • Given the investment gap, early moving investors can potentially benefit from gaining an awareness of the current adaptation landscape and then allocating capital towards promising emerging solutions that may become an integral part of climate risk management as the world warms.
  • Finding these solutions requires first identifying where the main economic risks of climate change lie – and the sectors that will be most impacted – and then looking for the diverse and innovative solutions to these risks that require funding or that have previously been overlooked.
  • These adaptation opportunities, which can be found globally across sectors – and in private as well as public markets – can help the world to build the resilience needed to withstand the worst impacts of global warming, while also providing the potential for investors to generate attractive long-term returns.

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