The paradigm of purpose and profit – podcast – Neuberger Berman

How can companies respond to ESG issues in a way that goes beyond ticking-the-box exercises to capitalising on these megatrends?

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... As more companies across the business ecosystem face increased scrutiny on environmental, social, and governance issues, the more they will need to respond. What has changed in the world that makes thinking about sustainability so critical to companies and investors? How can companies respond that goes beyond box ticking to capitalising on these megatrends? And what is the role of investors in terms of measuring outcomes and engaging with companies?

In this special episode of 'Disruptive Forces', Jonathan Bailey, Head of ESG Investing, sits down with George Serafeim, the Charles M Williams Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and member of Neuberger Berman's ESG Advisory Council, to share more about this topic from his upcoming book 'Purpose and profit: how business can lift up the world'.

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