Delivering impact in real estate: European social infrastructure – Franklin Templeton

The need for investments in European social infrastructure persists.

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... Franklin Templeton's annual impact report shows how private capital can be a force for positive change through a measurable impact investing approach targeting social and environmental outcomes.

Buildings and services with a civic and social purpose, like hospitals, schools and affordable housing, underpin our economies. These assets directly contribute to key sustainable development goals (SDGs), including access to quality education, good health systems and decent work. In addition to these community-related goals, the built environment has a significant role to play in meeting climate-related targets because buildings make up a significant portion of energy and CO2 emissions.

As real estate investors Franklin Templeton look to respond to these social and environmental challenges through the development of impact investing strategies focusing on social infrastructure in Europe.

By releasing their annual impact report, they hope to accelerate the debate around impact investing’s best practices in real estate and to contribute to better results for communities and the planet.

The summarised version of Franklin Templeton's Annual Impact Report shows how they address impact management and climate risks and provides multiple examples of their work addressing the SDGs and different case studies.

In this report:
  • Their impact management and measurement approach.
  • Impact performance in numbers.
  • Progress towards seven SDGs.
  • Four cases studies: healthcare and education.
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