SDG Engagement Equity: 2021 H1 Report - Federated Hermes

When Federated Hermes were writing the commentary for their H1 report in 2020, few would have predicted 12 months on many of us would still be working from home and COVID-19 infections would be rising again. Thankfully, there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines are being rolled out – quickly in some areas and much too slowly in others – but rolling out.

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... There are silver linings. The impact of the pandemic has led to a heightened interest in issues of sustainability, among investors and corporates alike. Federated Hermes have been pleased to see more investee companies coming forward with sustainability reports. More pleasingly, Federated Hermes have welcomed these companies reaching out for input before publication and seeking assistance in shaping both their approach and their disclosures.

Nevertheless, this enhanced reporting is testament to the work taking place behind closed doors. It is heartening to note the real commitment of many management teams making a real social and/or environmental contribution and their recognition that this fits well with their financial goals.

In Federated Hermes' 2021 H1 Report, they reflect on engagement efforts so far this year, present their investment review and take a deep dive into SDG 1 (no poverty). What progress did they achieve during the first six months of 2021? To find out more, read the full 2021 H1 Report.

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