SDG Engagement Equity: 2019 Annual Report - Federated Hermes

In their 2019 Annual Report, Federated Hermes reflect how they target both traditional financial performance goals and positive and environmental change by engaging with companies to help deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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In this report, Federated Hermes consider how:

  • Leveraging networks can be the key to catalysing action. Their roundtable seminar on SDG 3.7 – universal access to sexual and reproductive health – showed how different parties can collaborate to achieve goals.
  • Decent work is inextricably linked to other SDGs. Companies have a considerable impact on individual lives and can affect economic, physical and mental wellbeing. Almost 50% of Federated Hermes’ engagements were connected to SDG 8 – decent work and economic growth – in 2019.
  • An intelligent voting strategy can generate long-term shareholder value. In 2019 they voted against management on at least one resolution at 20 meetings. Executive compensation continues to be the main reason they exercise our voting rights.

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