Delivering sustainable homes of the future - how ready is the UK housebuilding sector? - Gowling WLG

Report: 'Building and Buying Better Homes: Perspectives on sustainable homes from both sides of the fence..'

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... Climate change, advances in technology and processes, and the national target to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 has brought sustainability firmly into focus for housebuilders. The industry is embracing the issue and has already made huge advances in sustainable building. But with 2050 drawing closer, where are the UK's housebuilders on the journey to delivering more sustainable homes? What are prospective buyers looking for? And how will the industry overcome potential barriers to enjoy the long-term benefits of building 'green'?

Gowling WLG's report 'Building and Buying Better Homes' sets out to answer these questions and looks at where the opportunities lie in creating more sustainable homes of the future. It brings together the views of more than 300 UK housebuilders and 2,000 plus homebuyers to examine the issue from 'both sides of the fence'. The findings are revealing; and highlight a shared commitment to more sustainable homes. Almost half of the housebuilders surveyed (40%), for example, have a sustainability strategy in place and the issue ranks third in buyers' list of priorities once cost, location and size are taken into account.

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