Capital Dynamics Annual Responsible Investment Report 2019-2020

Their journey so far and the way ahead.

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... Responsible investment is a discipline and ethos that has been at the center of Capital Dynamics' approach to investing for over a decade and is also a deeply shared value by their staff and leadership. From increasing diversity in their offices, to trademarking their proprietary approach to ESG investment rating, and reducing carbon emissions in their offices and through their investments, there is considerable progress described in this RI report.

Their latest efforts help reduce blindness in India, empower women in the workplace, and aid with the COVID-19 relief effort. Importantly, these initiatives are integral to their ability to deliver strong financial results to their investors.

There is no denying we are living through unprecedented times that have caused us to re-evaluate old paradigms and the very mores of our society. Pandemics have a unique ability to bring to light societal vulnerabilities previously inadequately addressed – and now, the spotlight is shining squarely on the Social and Governance factors of the Environment, Social, and Governance ( ESG ) equation. During times of turmoil it is easy to think of Responsible Investment (RI) as a luxury but it is precisely at these moments that our actions matter the most.

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