Sustainability Talks - Perspectives on Protecting Human Capital - Lazard Asset Management

The Coronavirus outbreak is, above all, a human emergency, with far-reaching implications for the global economy and financial markets. As investors, Lazard Asset Management also thinks the current situation raises important questions about sustainability, and how companies are weighing the interests of all stakeholders, not just their shareholders.

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In this paper, Lazard Asset Management share how they are considering and evaluating the management and protection of human capital through this pandemic, and how they are advocating for more robust social capital management in support of companies building long-term, sustainable value.

Beyond the issues of disrupted supply chains, lower economic growth, more accommodative monetary policy, and volatile stock markets, at its centre COVID-19 is a human emergency. Companies are having to make very important decisions about their responsibilities to their employees, their customers, and their suppliers as well as to their shareholders. For investors interested in sustainability, the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to see how companies are reacting to a sudden and dramatic test of their business models and assess how they are weighing the interests of their different stakeholders.

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