The power of emotions: responsible investment as a motivator for Generation DC - Franklin Templeton Investments

Generation DC are the 22-38-year-olds, many of whom are newly enrolled in workplace pensions.

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... In this research, Franklin Templeton Investments explore how this generation feel about their workplace pensions, the emotions underlying the topic, and then focus on responsible investing.

This is a generation of demanding and often ethical consumers. Without the property wealth and defined benefit pensions enjoyed by their parents, this is the first generation to rely heavily on DC pensions to fund their retirement needs. Their attitudes and feelings are of key significance to the pensions industry. If we are to understand Generation DC as people, we need to understand their emotional motivators.

Franklin Templeton Investments’ findings show a clear misalignment between how young people feel about responsible investment and what their pension delivers in this area. They also suggest that responsible investment can be a catalyst for Generation DC to put more into their pension.

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