Human rights and wrongs: engaging with Chinese suppliers on sustainability - Fidelity International

Companies can have a great deal of influence over their supply chains. Steady progress makes Fidelity International confident that their engagement efforts are worthwhile and have already led to a significant shift in thinking at some Chinese manufacturers.

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Fidelity International's 2019 Analyst Survey highlighted that supply chain management is a growing focus for company managements, especially in consumer-driven sectors. And for good reason. Using suppliers will always come with a measure of risk, whether legal, reputational, or operational. While it might not be possible to eradicate supply chain risks entirely, they can be minimised with strict onboarding policies and careful, regular monitoring. Such procedures are becoming more common across Europe and the US, where companies also tend to have relatively high levels of disclosure about their supplier relationships. However, this is less true in many Asian countries, including China.

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