Capital Dynamics' Principles of Responsible Investing

​The purpose of the ‘Principles of Responsible Investing’ (‘the Principles’) is to introduce Capital Dynamics’ commitment to responsible investing (RI), and associated strategies and processes.

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... Capital Dynamics takes ESG issues seriously. In recognition of the importance of ESG compliance to both the Firm and its clients, Capital Dynamics integrates ESG into its investment due diligence, investment decisions and post-investment monitoring. Besides being an early signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (‘PRI’) in 2008, Capital Dynamics has been and continues to be actively engaged in initiatives to improve RI standards. For example, the Firm has been engaged in several initiatives to establish broadly accepted RI standards (e.g. the ESG Disclosure Framework for Private Equity ) and was actively involved in creating the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association’s (BVCA) RI guidelines, as well as the Principles for Responsible Investment’s ESG Monitoring, Reporting and Dialogue in Private Equity Report.

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