Algae: biodigital curtain that cleans air - Pictet Asset Management

Ugly and smelly? Housed properly in aesthetic bioconscious architecture, algae can clean air and give a lot more.

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Algae might be ugly and smelly. What is more, climate change has led to an overgrowth of algae which starve the ocean of oxygen and threaten marine ecosystems.

But housed properly in aesthetic architecture, algae can clean air, produce energy and even generate energy.

Italian architect Claudia Pasquero highlights this very ability of algae in her bio-conscious and responsive urban architecture, such as a curtain or canopy that incubate microalgae. In discussing her vision of the future of cities with mega, Pasquero says that her architecture should help us visualise algae’s dynamic and coexist with these non-anthropocenic – or non-human – forms of life.

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