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Read M&G's Annual Impact Report to see how projects and companies financed by their Impact Financing strategy in 2018 are making a positive contribution across a range of environmental and social issues. Learn how these investments and impact themes align with the UN SDGs, and how investors’ capital can contribute to building a fairer and more sustainable economy.

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The world requires investment on a huge scale to address global challenges ranging from reducing carbon emissions and pollution to improving healthcare and education and raising populations out of poverty. All necessary for improving social equality and improving the quality of life for the world’s growing population, but also necessary for continued economic growth and the generation of sustainable long-term returns from investment.

The case for using private debt to build impact portfolios has gained ground over recent years, with private debt often used to finance discrete projects such as constructing a new wind farm or solar park, building new medical or university facilities, or developing energy-efficient buildings. Also, companies that borrow in private markets tend to be smaller and focused in a narrower range of business activities than companies that borrow in public markets.

M&G Investments are pleased to share the first Annual Impact Report for the M&G Impact Financing Fund. The 2018 report focuses on the environmental and social impact of the fund’s investments and details how they align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets.

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