Responsible investment and private debt - M&G

The key concepts of responsible investment are complementary to private debt with its core focus on analysing and managing risk through relationships with investee entities.

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The idea of applying ‘mainstream’ responsible investment to private debt has both developed and matured during the decade since the financial crisis of 2007/8. However, little has been written on this topic.

The latest report from the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), “Spotlight on responsible investment in private debt”, aims to provide guidance and case studies on best practices around the implementation of responsible investment in private debt.

M&G are delighted to have been involved in the PRI’s latest initiative to explore environmental, social and governance ( ESG ) matters for fixed income investors. Through their years of experience investing in the private debt markets combined with their responsible long-term lending practices, they have not only helped to guide the content of the report but have also provided a detailed case study.

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