Making an impact - Baillie Gifford

Living standards have risen steadily across the globe over recent centuries. But the future trajectory looks less certain. Humanity needs to find ways in which to address the social and environmental challenges it faces.

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... The recent evolution of impact investing – which has the dual objectives of achieving positive social and environmental outcomes as well as good financial performance – brings a greater potential for the investment community to deliver a more sustainable future for all. 

By investing in the public equity market, investors are increasing the amount of capital that is being funnelled into solving social and environmental challenges. But it is not as simple as finding the ‘right’ companies to invest in. Those who trade regularly in and out of companies in their portfolio have little claim to making an impact through their investments. It takes the patient mind-set and the capital of the long-term equity investor to give companies the freedom and focus they need to deliver on their long-term growth plans and ambitions.

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