Setting our sights - a strategy for maximising social impact - Nesta Impact Investments - Pensions for Purpose Content Award Winner 2018

Nesta Impact Investments' impact strategy sets out how they evaluate impact potential and achievement, and how evaluation data is used to improve the impact of their work.

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Nesta Impact Investments (NII) was one of the first investors in Europe to develop and grow the field of social impact investment. They believe it is important to show that commercial businesses can achieve social impact and that commercial investors do not have to have a trade-off between financial returns and social impact. Where social impact and commercial strategy are aligned, making a positive difference need not mean sacrificing financial performance.

This document sets out the latest iteration of NII's approach to growing and demonstrating impact. It covers all aspects of the investment lifecycle: from the decision to invest through to portfolio management and exit. The approach is based on experience from nearly five years of impact investing, learning lessons from where things have gone well and not so well, and using data from the 13 companies they have invested in over that time.

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Date of publication: September 2017

Content award winner 2018

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