Sir John Rose highlights the role of industrial solutions and pension funds in addressing climate change ahead of COP28 – press release

A conversation between Sir John and Karen Shackleton, Founder and Chair of Pensions for Purpose.

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As the world prepares for the up-and-coming COP28 summit, Sir John Rose a leading figure in the sustainability sector who has deep ties to environmental initiatives, including advisory roles to the COP28 board, said industrial-led solutions harnessing new technologies will be the driving force in combating climate change, rather than solely tech-centric solutions.

In a recent conversation with Karen Shackleton, Founder and Chair of Pensions for Purpose, Sir John shared his insights on the role of pension funds in advancing sustainable solutions, noted the significant choice of an oil-producing nation hosting the next COP28 and advocated for a pragmatic approach to the climate, rather than a purist stance, towards climate change.

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