PBII and its role in improving the image of the real estate industry – Ellandi

EG Magazine, Estates Gazette, June 2022

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... 'If we are suffering from a crisis of how we are perceived, this is a chance to change the narrative that’s too good to waste.'

Place-based impact investing (PBII), a niche interest at the moment, could see more than £16bn of Local Government Pension Scheme money invested, in addition to the government’s various levelling-up monies – a big opportunity for the sector. If investors and developers want to change how they are perceived from, and the author quotes, “moustache-twiddling toffs”, these are three policy areas where the industry can stake a claim to be the key to delivering change. Moreover, they form a compelling basis for a new story to tell the government and society more generally about the social and environmental contribution they add.

In this ESG commentary for Estates Gazette about how poorly the real estate industry is perceived, Ellandi's Mark Robinson explains how place-based impact investing (PBII) could be part of the solution.

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