Pensions for Purpose joins the Better Business Act Coalition – press release

Pensions for Purpose are proud to support the Better Business Act, which is on a mission to change UK law to ensure company directors are responsible for advancing the benefit of shareholders alongside other stakeholders: wider society and the environment.

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... Charlotte O'Leary, CEO of Pensions for Purpose said:

"Joining the Better Business Act Coalition entirely aligns with our business and the services we provide. Valuing and embedding all stakeholders – people and planet – alongside profit is the only way that a business should be built and managed. No longer should we externalise the costs to society and the environment of the products and services we provide, a system that has led to significant inequality. The BBA will empower existing businesses to review and transform their operating models while also ensuring that new businesses are founded on these core principles.

I hope we will see many of our members and the wider business community joining the Coalition to show our government the importance of this legislation."

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