SilverStreet Capital wins ESG award from CDC Group as it celebrates 15-year anniversary - press release

SilverStreet Capital won the Sector-Focused Fund Manager ESG Performance Award, given by CDC Group and the GPCA, coinciding with their 15-year anniversary.

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... SilverStreet Capital, the UK and Africa-based investment firm, has been named as one of two winners of the ESG Performance Award for Private Capital Funds, winning the Sector-Focused Fund Manager Award. CDC Group and the Global Private Capital Association (GPCA) have partnered together and this is the inaugural award of an annual series.

Guy Alexander, ESGI Director at CDC stated: “SilverStreet’s proposal stood out due to a clearly articulated ESG framework and experienced team which was able to identify holistic portfolio improvements through active monitoring, in addition to delivering on a number of impact and climate strategic objectives at fund level.”

SilverStreet Capital was established in January 2007 and the award coincides with its 15-year anniversary. It is a leading impact investor into the agricultural sector, managing two funds: Silverlands I, the largest African agricultural fund, and Silverlands II. SilverStreet Capital invests across the agricultural value chain including the seed sector, primary production, processing, protein and storage. The investments have brought a multitude of positive impacts to the region, employing 10,400 people and with direct economic benefits for 577,000 people, who have seen their annual incomes rise, on average, by over 50%.

Gary Vaughan-Smith, Chief Investment Officer at SilverStreet Capital, said: “We see ESG as a key investment function which is integrated throughout the investment process. In order to reach high standards, ESG needs to become a fundamental part of the investment team’s culture – not a separate, tick-box exercise. To ensure this, it must be championed by the Chief Investment Officer, who needs to be sufficiently involved in the detail.”

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