Pensions for Purpose announces new Board of Directors - press release

Pensions for Purpose is delighted to announce its new Board after establishing a new limited company in February 2021.

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Pensions for Purpose is delighted to announce its new Board after establishing a new limited company in February 2021. Executive Directors include Charlotte O’Leary, Chief Executive, Karen Shackleton, Chair, John Donovan, Head of Australia, and Mark Shackleton, Company Secretary. The executive directors have now been supplemented with the appointment of four Non-Executive Directors, comprising Heather Fleming, Louise Kooy-Henckel, Debbie Fielder and John Featherby.

Each of the Non-Executive Directors will bring a different perspective to building the business. Louise Kooy-Henckel (Wellington Management) and Heather Fleming (Gresham House) will represent Pensions for Purpose’s Influencer membership, Debbie Fielder (Clwyd Pension Fund) will bring the asset owner perspective to board debate, and John Featherby (Shoremount) has been advising on acquiring B Corps certification. He also brings experience from the impact investing sector.

Pensions for Purpose Limited already has “pending B Corp” status, being a purpose-led business. Its aim is to fulfil its mission of getting more capital to flow towards investments that have a positive impact on society and the environment. In order to achieve this effectively, it has brought together a board comprising key stakeholder representatives including asset owners, asset managers, trustees, and B Corp advisers.

Charlotte O’Leary, CEO of Pensions for Purpose, said: “Our new Non-Executive Directors bring an astonishing depth of experience in impact investment to our Board discussions, as well as representing all our different stakeholders. We are grateful to each of them for supporting our vision to empower pension funds to make informed decisions about impact investment and bringing purpose into their investment strategies.”

Louise Kooy-Henkel, Non-Executive Director, said “I’m excited to join the board of Pensions for Purpose at time where its increased participation in industry forums and initiatives is accelerating the understanding and knowledge of impact investing and supporting the growth of this market. Pensions for Purpose is in prime position to help pension funds advance the agenda of positive social and environmental change; to understand investment opportunities that arise from linkages to large-scale social and economic problems and to be a part of the enormous capital reallocation required to solve the some of the world’s biggest challenges”.

Heather Fleming, Non-Executive Director, said: “I am delighted to represent the influencer members in the very important work of raising awareness and encouraging the flow of capital into impact investment.”

Debbie Fielder, Non-Executive Director, said: “It is an honour and a privilege to be able to participate in the inspirational contributions that Pensions for Purpose are actively making in relation to impact investing.”

John Featherby, Non-Executive Director, said “I am delighted to have been asked to join the board of Pensions for Purpose. I am equally conscious that its intent is a great responsibility. The capacity of the pension industry to affect change is as significant as it is needed. I look forward to doing what I can via Pensions for Purpose to direct this sector towards a more purpose-led future. My experience of watching the dynamic growth of the B Corp movement excites me for what is possible here.”

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