What is a purpose-driven business? - ReGenerate (sponsored by Berenberg and others)

Berenberg, alongside the UK Government, sponsored this report by ReGenerate, which highlights and discusses, in-depth, the attributes and key qualities of a purpose-driven business.

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When businesses’ unique ability to innovate and scale is combined with a drive for positive impact it can transform society and the planet. As we seek to recover from the pandemic, we are at a unique point in history where this positive impact from business is desperately needed. ReGenerate has written this paper which sets out a summary of what a purpose-driven business is and how to spot one. It is accompanied by a second paper also written by ReGenerate (The Case for Purpose-driven Business, ReGenerate, July 2020) which outlines:

(i) the case for these businesses: the public want them;

(ii) they can do a huge amount of good and

(iii) businesses that are purpose-driven are increasingly shown to be more successful and sustainable

Originally published June 2020.

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