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The Good Economy, Impact Investing Institute and Pensions for Purpose are leading a collaborative market-building project to mobilise greater flows of institutional capital, particularly UK pension funds, to support place-based investments that drive more inclusive and sustainable development across the UK.

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The main output from this exciting project will be a White Paper that will provide insight on current trends and recommendations on how to build the market for place-based impact investing. Expected outcomes include:

A conceptual framework to define, measure and report the impact of place-based impact investing,that will help build a shared understanding and approach to mobilising capital for place-based impact across market actors.

An assessment of the state of the market for place-based investing,with particular reference to LGPS activity.

Recommendations on how to mobilise private capital at scale to invest in ways that deliver positive social and environmental outcomes and tackle place-based inequalities. This is likely to include recommendations on how to tackle the information gap, develop institutional asset management models and build a supportive role for government policy and investment.

The project is running from July 2020 to March 2021. If you are an asset owner and would be interested in engaging in a discussion with The Good Economy, please email [email protected].

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