3D renewables: decarbonising, decentralising and disrupting - Capital Dynamics

​LAPF Investments, April 2018

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... This paper explores how developments in renewable energy are transforming the way we think of the power sector and looks at the three dimensions of renewables:

DecarburizationThe world of power generation has transformed dramatically over the last few years. In Europe and the UK, coal has been rapidly phased out and replaced by cleaner forms of electricity generation, particularly renewable energy.

DecentralizationThe advent of battery storage is enabling common renewables sources – wind and solar power – to be stored and therefore provides a solution to the intermittency issue and absence of control over the electricity dispatch. When a wind or solar farm is connected to a battery, it immediately gains the flexibility to store electricity and to use it whenever there is demand.

DisruptionDecarburization and decentralization remove the need for large power plants, providing a new era for the electricity market, where small-scale generators can supply electricity directly to the end consumer.

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