22 November 2022 – Paris Alignment Forum online morning coffee with Hambro Perks

Delivering impact, scaling profit - the value of investing in environmental technologies.

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Much of our planet is facing extreme water scarcity, food supply chains are shockingly fragile and inefficient, our natural ecosystems are losing biodiversity at an alarming rate and our oceans are filling with plastic. Technology has undoubtedly contributed to some of these problems, but technology must also be part of the solution.

Corporates and investors worldwide are now focused on the energy transition, and their associated net zero commitments, but the opportunity to create value from the investment into environmental technologies extends beyond this into the water, agricultural and industrial sectors too. In this discussion, we discuss why successfully scaling businesses in these sectors requires specialist managers and specialist investors who understand the markets they are operating in and how to avoid common pitfalls.

As part of the Paris Alignment Forum, Duncan White of Hambro Perks Environmental Technologies led this one-hour interactive roundtable, which was followed by a Q&A moderated by Karen Shackleton of Pensions for Purpose.

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This event was opened to asset owners such as pension fund trustees, in-house executives and independent advisers, professional trustees, government representatives and consultants


Hambro Perks
Speaker biography

Duncan White, Environmental Technologies, Hambro Perks

Duncan White Duncan focuses on investments in environmental technology companies. He is a Director of Ombu Ltd which was acquired by the HP Environmental Technology Fund, a fund he continues to co-manage. Duncan has extensive experience developing and financing advanced technologies in the industrial, energy and healthcare sectors. Previously, Duncan was at Rothschild Group, London where he worked as part of the mergers and acquisitions team. Prior to this, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. Duncan graduated with a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh and also holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge.

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