17 October 2022 – Joint Impact Investing Adopters Forum and Paris Alignment Forum online afternoon tea with Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Investment implications of the net zero challenge.

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The restructuring of the economic system to deliver a low-carbon future is underway. This transition presents an enormous challenge given the significant capital required to transform economies which  have been reliant on an energy system that has been largely fossil-fuel based.

A successful transition will require close coordination between investors and asset managers using innovative investment solutions, data mapping and service delivery.

This session provided an opportunity to share views on the opportunities and challenges of a growing industry that has the potential to strengthen economic growth and secure greater energy independence, while reducing the impacts of climate change.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management used case study examples of investor themes supporting this transition and discussed some of the latest tools in supporting continuous ESG monitoring.

This was followed by a roundtable discussion with Q&A and shared insights from our guest speaker from XPS Investment moderated by Charlotte O'Leary of Pensions for Purpose.   

Who was this event for?

This event was opened to asset owners such as pension fund trustees and executives, independent trustees and advisers.


Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Speaker biography

Ed Francis, Manager Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Ed FrancisEd joined Goldman Sachs as a managing director in 2021. He works in the Multi-Asset Solutions (MAS) group within Goldman Sachs Asset Management where he leads the UK Fiduciary Management team. Before Ed joined the firm, he worked in the investment business at Willis Towers Watson for 20 years serving as the EMEA Head of Investment from 2014 to 2020. Prior to that, he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers as an investment consultant. Ed earned a BSc in Economics from the University of Hull in 1992.

Guy Plater FIA, XPS Investment

Guy PlaterGuy is a partner in the XPS Investment London office, a member of the leadership team and has over 20 years’ experience in pensions. He co-leads XPS Investment’s Fiduciary Management (FM) oversight team, drawing on his experience in helping  clients with FM selection exercises and oversight of existing appointments. He has significant previous experience as a Scheme Actuary, which enhances his ability to provide value-added advice for fiduciary mandates and how they help achieve trustees’ journey planning targets. Guy graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Economics and joined XPS (Punter Southall at the time) in 2003 after starting his career at Mercer.

Impact Investing Adopters Forum

The Impact Investing Adopters Forum is a member forum of pension funds, investment consultants and fiduciary managers at the forefront of sustainable finance. Adopters have committed to the Impact Investing Institute’s Impact Investing Principles – and advancing the impact investing agenda. The forum is run by Pensions for Purpose in partnership with the Impact Investing Institute to advance the principles, share best practice and encourage more pension funds to invest with a positive social and environmental impact. To join the Impact Investing Adopters Forum please email Charlotte O’Leary.

Paris Alignment Forum

The Paris Alignment Forum was established by Pensions for Purpose to help pension funds and other asset owners on their journey towards alignment with the goals of the Paris Agreement. We do this by sharing climate-related thought leadership written by our Influencer members (asset managers, consultants and lawyers), by running free training workshops for trustees and by engaging in industry-wide conversation through our quarterly all-stakeholder and asset-owner events. To join the Paris Alignment Forum please email Karen Shackleton.

Pensions for Purpose

Pensions for Purpose exists as a bridge between asset managers, pension funds and their professional advisers, to encourage the flow of capital towards impact investment. Our aim is to empower pension funds to seek positive impact opportunities and mitigate negative impact risks.For more information, please email Charlotte O'Leary.

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