25 April 2022 - Joint Impact Investing Adopters Forum & Paris Alignment Forum morning coffee with Pensions for Purpose and Proterra Investment Partners Asia

The future of food in Asia and its impact on people and planet.

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This was an online morning coffee with Proterra Investment Partners Asia to discuss the future of food in Asia and its impact on people and planet.

Asia will be home to two-thirds of the global middle class by 20301, and total annual spend on food in Asia will double from $4 trillion (2020) to $8 trillion (2030).2 We are also seeing the 1.1 billion millennials in Asia (5x as many as the US and Europe combined)3 approach peak earning capacity - this is the generation of consumers who are independent, socially minded, shrewd and digitally savvy.

Asian consumers demand safe, high-quality food products with attributes that meet their desire for health, nutrition, social impact, and sustainability – and are willing to pay for it. Proterra Investment Partners believe food provides an attractive way for investors to gain exposure to the growth engine that is the Asian consumer.

Investing in the Asian food sector also comes with positive ESG impact. Asia is generally food-deficit and dependent on imports to feed its growing population. The food & agri sector in Asia has historically suffered from chronic underinvestment, creating a huge challenge around how to feed a growing Asia while mitigating the potential environmental impact of the food industry. The COVID-19 pandemic also highlighted the fragility of supply chains, and governments are increasingly focused on encouraging domestic food production that will help improve food security.

This content-rich discussion provided pension funds with an insight into the food transition in Asia, as well as an opportunity to evaluate why invest in the Asian food sector now.

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This event was open to pension funds, professional trustees, independent advisers, investment consultants and fiduciary managers.

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