1 December 2021 - Paris Alignment Forum afternoon tea discussion - Natixis Investment Managers/Mirova

Is it possible to construct a Paris Aligned portfolio in the real world?

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COP26 in Glasgow has seen more and more commitments around net zero and Paris Alignment emerge. Asset managers, banks and the whole financial sector are signing pledges to align their investments and practices with the net-zero objective.

But what, actually, is net zero? What does it mean for an investment? Can we measure how far we are from the objective and if yes, what tools are available to reach the objective in time?

Mirova has developed a carbon accounting methodology over several years, based on a life-cycle approach that allows for the measurement of both negative and positive climate impact for companies in the investment universe. This methodology has evolved to produce temperature alignment analysis at investment level.

A portfolio that aims to contribute to a net-zero scenario must comply with certain constraints. It should not only target risk reduction by divesting from fossil fuels, but also target opportunities by focusing on the providers of solutions to the energy transition. Engagement must help accelerate companies’ transitions and carbon offsets cannot be used as the main tool to claim positive climate impact.

This session was about presenting the basics of a climate focused investment strategy, in line with the latest regulatory changes.

Our speaker, Manuel Coeslier, equity portfolio manager at Mirova, presented his insights followed by our usual shared discussion-time afterwards.

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