7 October 2021 - Pensions for Purpose Paris Alignment Forum training - Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners

Renewable energy and energy transition technologies explained.

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On 7th October, we were delighted to run this excellent Paris Alignment Forum training session with Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners. The net-zero energy transition is arguably one of the most compelling investment themes for institutions the world over, offering attributable, tangible and measurable ESG impact (which can be calculated in line with TCFD reporting) from real asset investments with potential for long-term capital protection and value growth. In the UK, the Government has called for a “Green Industrial Revolution” and issued a call to “meet the most enduring threat to our planet with one of the most innovative and ambitious programmes of job-creation we have known”.

The drive to reduce the carbon intensity of power generated and consumed in the UK is economy-wide and exemplified by the mandatory closure of all coal fired power stations by 2024. As renewable energy’s share of the market rapidly increases and coal plants retire, the UK will need new supply and grid management solutions that enable affordable and dispatchable energy supply during periods when renewable resources (wind and solar in particular) are deficient. Such investment opportunities can help to deliver both energy security and a de-carbonised power system, and may include battery storage, grid support assets, distributed energy solutions and ‘behind the meter’ critical utility services infrastructure for thousands of energy consumers. 

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners' speakers 
  • Mark Burrows, Head of Europe, Capital Formation and Investor Engagement.
  • Rosalind Smith-Maxwell, Vice President.
  • Anne Foster, Director and Head of Global ESG.
Objective: this webinar explained, in simple terms, what renewable energy and energy transition technologies (including grid support infrastructure) are and mean in the context of the net-zero energy transition.

Outcome: pension funds and asset owners gained an understanding of the different types of energy transition technologies including battery storage, grid support assets and distributed energy solutions.

Slides: to see the slides from the session, please click on the 'Learn more here' button below. For more information please email Mike Rogers, Pensions for Purpose or Mark Burrows, Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners. 

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