8 October 2021 - Online Morning Coffee - Fulcrum Asset Management

An online Paris Alignment Forum discussion co-hosted by Fulcrum Asset Management and Pensions for Purpose on 'The case for Implied Temperature Rise metrics in a diversified, global equity portfolio'. Keynote presentation recording available.

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There is no bigger macro and socio-economic challenge than mitigating the dramatic and imminent effects of climate change. Use of the Implied Temperature Rise (ITR) metric, which estimates a global temperature rise associated with the greenhouse gas emissions of an individual company or sector, has quickly gathered momentum as a way for financial flows to be made consistent with low-carbon pathways and climate-resilient developments.

In this special event, Nabeel Abdoula and the Fulcrum team shared their insights on what makes the ITR (a forward-looking and innovative climate change indicator) particularly compelling, and why they believe it will become the leading metric used in the coming years.

Karen Shackleton, Pensions for Purpose, set the scene, and Nabeel Abdoula then outlined Fulcrum Asset Management's work with a leading institutional client to develop an innovative Paris Aligned Global Equity solution that thoughtfully balances climate-alignment with expected returns and diversification benefits.

To watch Karen's introduction and Nabeel's keynote presentation, please click on the button below. 

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