5 October 2021 - Impact Investing Adopters Forum - Principle 3 - Use your voice to make change - Impact Investing Institute, Pensions for Purpose and The Investor Forum

Introduced by the Impact Investing Institute and moderated by Pensions for Purpose, this virtual investor roundtable was hosted by The Investor Forum.

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This quarterly Impact Investing Adopters Forum event focused on Principle 3 of the Impact Investing Principles for Pensions - 'Use your voice to make change’.
Introduced by Ida Levine, Lead Expert on Policy and Board member at the Impact Investing Institute and Board member of The Investor Forum, and moderated by Charlotte O’Leary, CEO of Pensions for Purpose, this virtual investor roundtable was hosted by The Investor Foruma not for profit company focused on collective engagement in UK companies for investors. Their membership boasts some of the largest UK institutional investors, including USS, RPMI Railpen, Blackrock, Schroders and LGPS Central.

The session focused on how you use your voice to make change and align your stewardship activities with your impact objectives. A case study approach was used, with Tim Shanagher, Senior Adviser at The Investor Forum and Valborg Lie, Stewardship Manager of LGPS Central, focusing on how they co-sponsored the BSI PAS on plastic pellets, the first specification to prevent plastic pellet pollution.
The presentation was followed by a moderated Q&A session with participants where we drew out the key challenges and solutions in aligning stewardship activities with impact objectives.

If you are interested in learning more about our Impact Investing Adopters Forum please contact Charlotte O'Leary.