7 September 2021 - BMO Global Asset Management and Pensions for Purpose virtual morning coffee

Preparing for the endgame: integrating LDI and credit, whilst getting the governance model right.

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... Growth assets have recovered strongly and funding ratios have improved, so more schemes are focussing on their end-game strategies, be that buy-out or self-sufficiency.

In this session, BMO Global Asset Management, focused on the G in ESG. They discussed how to build appropriate end-game portfolios in the current market environment. They also explored the governance options available to trustees to minimise the governance burden whilst maximising the efficiency of the portfolio.

This conversation looked at:
  • The different types of credit portfolio available and which are better suited to buy-out or self-sufficiency objectives.
  • The benefits of integrating credit and LDI within a single portfolio.
  • Implementation manager services and fiduciary management as a means of managing the governance¬†challenge.
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