17 November 2021 - Pensions for Purpose Annual Awards

Join us for our annual awards event focused on impact investing.

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This is a must-attend, in-person event where we will bring pension funds together to demonstrate how capital can be deployed in solutions to the social and environmental challenges we face.

When:   17 November, 4 – 7:30 pm
Where:  Haberdashers’ Hall, London

To hear why our CEO, Charlotte O'Leary is so excited about this event please click here

This unique event will take a fundamentally different look at impact investing through:

  • A panel discussion where asset owners will get to ask investment consultant and asset manager representatives their pressing questions around the challenges, hurdles and solutions on impact investing. 
  • A session faciliated by our Influencer member, Quietroom, focused on what members really think about the impact their investments can make. 
  • Our first awards to pension funds for the important work they are doing on impact investing
  • And our more established awards for content shared on our platform by Influencer members (consultants, asset managers and lawyers).

We expect this to be a powerful, thought provoking event, not just recognising the sector's efforts to date but what we can all do as part of the investment value chain to drive more positive social and environmental impact, alongside financial return. 

Which Influencer members will win our coveted content awards?

  • New - Best Client-Led Innovation
  • Best Strategy Thought Leadership
  • Best Impact Report
  • Best ESG/Sustainable Investment Report
  • Best Social Impact Thought Leadership
  • Best Environmental Impact Thought Leadership
  • Best Case Study
  • Best Blog

Who will scoop up our new impact investment awards for pension funds?

  • Impact Investing Adopter Award, sponsored by Earth Capital and the Impact Investing Institute
  • Social Impact Award, sponsored by Big Society Capital
  • Paris Alignment Award - best member communication
  • Paris Alignment Award - best strategy statement
Free places are available for pension funds. To register your attendance, please email Debbie Keogh – [email protected].

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