13 April 2021 - Paris Alignment Forum - Pensions for Purpose/IIGCC

The IIGCC net zero framework for pension funds – a discussion.

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Pensions for Purpose is delighted to confiirm its inaugural Pensions for Purpose Paris Alignment Forum member-only event was held on 13th April 2021. Daisy Streatfeild of the IIGCC was our keynote speaker on the IIGCC's net zero framework for pension funds and this was followed by breakout room discussions to consider:

  • Do you think the IIGCC framework is helpful for a pension fund wishing to move towards a net zero investment strategy? Why?/Why not?
  • Which targets and objectives are you/your pension fund clients considering? What challenges do you anticipate in achieving these targets, and should the industry become more aligned in terms of targets?
  • How might a net zero strategy change a pension fund's strategic asset allocation?
  • How are asset managers adapting their portfolios to be aligned with net zero?
  • How are asset managers reporting on environmental progress and how might this be improved? 

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