2 December 2020 - Investor Roundtable - UBP and Pensions for Purpose

UBP's Impact Portfolio Managers discussed how they invest in the 17 UN SDGs via listed equities, focusing on education and efficiency.

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This event was introduced by Karen Shackleton, Founder of Pensions for Purpose, and she was joined by Portfolio Managers, Rupert Welchman, Eli Koen and Mathieu Negre, who took a deeper look into some Sustainable themes:

Education: Our social foundation; but is it investable?

  • Can you invest in education companies?
  • Public good vs private business / vocational vs business
  • Is there a place for private investment?
  • Not all education is created equal

Efficiency: Adapting to keep within our planetary boundaries

  • Companies & Sectors: Practical adaption for the modern world
  • Making industries efficient; a closer look at cement, water
  • Alternative power; where next?
  • How measurement can help companies reduce their wastage of natural capital

The short presentation was followed by open discussion.

Please note these sessions are open to asset owners and their advisers only.  If you are interested in participating in future events please email Karen Shackleton ([email protected]) or Alex Noble ([email protected]).


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