7 July 2020 - ESG webinar series: Passive assets - Barnett Waddingham

ESG webinar series hosted by Matt Tickle, Partner and Investment Consultant.

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... A wise man said being clever is not being able to predict when it will rain, being clever is bringing an umbrella. Much of the discourse surrounding ESG and climate risk revolves around the issue rather than the solution. In Barnett Waddingham's webinar series, they address the issue of what does a portfolio that is aligned with the Paris Agreement look like in practice. They believe that far from being a ‘current issue’, the management of ESG risks will be critical to investment success in the short, medium and long-term.

In this first webinar, they looked at the different indices that can be used to help reduce your carbon footprint and the considerations around their use. They recognised that climate change alone is not the only driving force and so discussed wider ESG considerations and cost. The discussion on indices was supported by case studies illustrating Barnett Waddingham’s recent work in this area and they also gave their view on developments they would like to see.

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