28 May 2020 - UK Renewables and Flexible Energy - Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners and Pensions for Purpose

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners and Pensions for Purpose hosted a UK Renewables and Flexible Energy ‘Afternoon Tea’ Webinar.

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This interactive webinar focused on Quinbrook’s view of:

  • Real asset investing and how renewables infrastructure is non-correlated to traditional asset classes
  • How UK renewables infrastructure can provide attractive, stable, sterling cash flows and can show defensive qualities in a COVID-19 world
  • Renewables infrastructure investing as a fundamental part of any ESG strategy, through new asset creation and active asset management which will be required to stimulate real ESG benefits
  • Renewables Infrastructure offering protection against rising prices with offtake contracts often containing inflation protection.
  • How returns are built up by both capital protection and value accretion
  • The history of and forecast significant future growth of renewables and flexible energy market which is changing to cater for increasing intermittency and grid instability
  • Availability of value-add returns (yield and capital growth) in a COVID-19 and post COVID-19 world
  • Renewable energy as the energy source most resilient to Covid‑19 lockdown measures so far (according to the International Energy Agency, ‘IEA’, in April 2020) and so how will the UK economy recovery be driven by the ‘Green Economy’
  • The strong and long term regulatory and political framework in the UK evidenced by the UK being labelled a Global Leader in Decarbonisation by the IEA
This event was by invitation only. If you are interested in joining future debates please contact Karen Shackleton on [email protected]

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