8 November 2018 - Robeco Explore 2018 - Sustainability Investing

At this recent event Robeco aimed to bring together different perspectives on sustainability, to discuss why it is becoming hard to ignore, and more importantly to answer some of investors’ questions on performance, applicability, engagement and implementation.

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Sustainability across Asset Classes: From financially material sustainability factors to practical implementation of SI. Masja Zandbergen and Michael van der Meer

Financially material ESG factors could have a significant impact – positive or negative – on a company’s business model and value drivers, such as revenue growth, margins, required capital and risk. Masja and Michael take a look at how to define what is financially material ESG information and how this can be used by investors. They also look at moving from research to real life, considering the three broad approaches to addressing ESG in a portfolio how to incorporate detailed analysis effectively.

The importance of being engaged.  How active engagement can enhance your impact - Carola van Lamoen

Sustainability investing is not the only approach to making an impact – active ownership can be very powerful. Carola discusses how investors can reap the benefits of engagement around financially material ESG themes.

The UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) – practical portfolio solutions - Taeke Wiersma

The UN SDGs are becoming a popular lens through which investors can view the impact of their sustainability investing. However quantifying a company’s contribution to the SDGs is no mean feat. Taeke discusses the goals, how investors might approach incorporating them in their portfolio, and the framework developed by Robeco to rate companies on their SDG impact.

Embracing sustainability to drive growth - James Rutter, Director of Brand & Strategy COOK

Putting sustainability at the heart of a business can add value and drive long-term growth, James Rutter, former editor of Financial News, talks about how embracing sustainability has contributed to the success of COOK.

Plastic-not-so-fantastic: The problem with plastic pollution - Natalie Fee, City to Sea

Every second of every day 20,000 plastic bottles are purchased and many of these end up in landfill or in our rivers and oceans, making single use plastics an environmental crisis with the potential to be as serious as climate change. For investors, it is key to be looking at these issues to identify long term risks. Natalie Fee founded City to Sea in 2015 to take a proactive stance to reducing plastic waste at source – in this session she talks about the issues and simple steps we can take to make a difference.

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